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MOS 121 GalaxyCon and (Not) Cancelled

MOS 121 GalaxyCon and (Not) Cancelled

We got to pull back the curtain and discover things about the amazing actors that bring our superheroes to life during the GalaxyCon Q&A panel. Oh, and headlines say the show’s getting cancelled. Read more…

MOS 119 –  Favorite Episodes # 3: “Red Faced”

MOS 119 – Favorite Episodes # 3: “Red Faced”

Please join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we explore the anger behind the anger. Kara always wanted a normal life. What she got is an extraordinary one. Being a hero doesn’t mean she is immune to emotions. We will uncover what happens when anger is bottled up and the respect that is earned when you stand up for yourself. Read more…

MOS 112 – News and Hiatus Plans

MOS 112 – News and Hiatus Plans

Join The Silver Vox, K-Vox, and The Green Butterfly as they digest the latest Supergirl news and share our plans for the hiatus time period while we wait for Season 6 to come. We’re looking at Supergirl (1984), your Top 10’s, and Supergirl’s OTP! Let’s have a Super Hiatus Season! Read more…

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