The Blacklist Exposed

BLE185 – S8E20 – #141 Godwin Page

BLE185 – S8E20 – #141 Godwin Page

Godwin Page is one of Townsend’s right hands. But because the FBI has seen his face, Townsend sends Godwin away, but not before Red captures him in his latest attempt to take down Townsend. Unfortunately for Red, Liz has other plans for Godwin.

BLE180 – S8E15 – The Russian Knot

BLE180 – S8E15 – The Russian Knot

Communication is a two way event, even among spies. It just takes them a 50-year old typewriter called The Russian Knot to share the info! Liz and the Task force are in a race to collect the last known working one in existence. Read More…


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