The Blacklist Exposed

BLE180 – S8E15 – The Russian Knot

BLE180 – S8E15 – The Russian Knot

Communication is a two way event, even among spies. It just takes them a 50-year old typewriter called The Russian Knot to share the info! Liz and the Task force are in a race to collect the last known working one in existence. Read More…

BLE174 – S8E9 – #35 The Cyranoid

BLE174 – S8E9 – #35 The Cyranoid

Liz wants to have a meeting with Neville Townsend, yes that Townsend and she uses his sister Mary, yes Chemical Mary to setup the meet. In order to pull it off and stay safe however she uses a Cyranoid to put her plan into motion. Read More…

BLE173 – S8E8 – #40 Ogden Greely

BLE173 – S8E8 – #40 Ogden Greely

Ogden Greely helped build the United States military satellite infrastructure. He also built himself a back door to take it over and sell it to the highest bidder. Now it is up to the task force to stop it since Red has decided to take the day off for a date with Ann. Read More


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