The Blacklist Exposed

BLE199 – S9E10 – #154 Arcane Wireless

BLE199 – S9E10 – #154 Arcane Wireless

Criminals love to talk, especially to each other. And now they can do it without getting caught thanks to Arcane Wireless.  This week we are focusing on a baddie known as the See-er, a crafty business opportunist that peddles cell phones to bad guys. Not just any cellphones and not even the latest iPhone or Pixel.  No these run on the Arcane Wireless network, a network so impenetrable, so untraceable criminals for years have been using it to get away with all sorts of things. The latest criminal showing interest is human trafficking crime lord Odin Interdonato with operations all over the world.  After a few demonstrations of the tech by the See-er, Interdonato decides to use the phones exclusively. 

BLE196 – S9E7 – Between Sleep and Awake

BLE196 – S9E7 – Between Sleep and Awake

Ressler re-lives the past 2 years of his life as he retells it from the gravesite of Elizabeth Keen. Yes Elizabeth Keen is dead. He goes from Agent, to addict, to mechanic, to hero & back to agent in under an hour. BLE195 – S9E6 – #153 Dr. Roberta Sand Ph.D.

BLE195 – S9E6 – #153 Dr. Roberta Sand Ph.D.

If you got a problem psychiatrist Dr. Roberta Sand can solve it. She can also convince you that killing someone is perfectly ok. Plus Red is going to go war with Dembe over a mysterious fingerprint. Read More…


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