The Supergirl season may be over, but the fun here on Maid of Steel continues.Β  This week we have the super opportunity to sit down with other Supergirl podcast hosts and discuss our adventures. What were the highs and lows of the season? How will we rank this season among all the others?Β  Listen as we discuss our favorite cast of characters. Then we will begin to talk about what is next now that our beloved show has ended. Thank you to Rebecca and Morgan at Supergirl Radio for inviting us to the table. Green Butterfly is very excited to learn about the others’ experiences as we all watched the same story unfold. The script was the same but the way it is interpreted is unique. Are there plans to move ahead on our respective podcasts to keep this conversation going with YOU our treasured listeners? You will have to press play to find out!Β  This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you a super week.