Previously on Supergirl…Bitter Imp!  Totems, Totems, Totems.  Battle for the Universe as we know it!  Supergirl has been one step behind since Season 6 – Episode 8!!  Pew, Pew, big booms!  Supergirl destroyed the Hope Totem, the All Stone will never be completed. Wait…wha? Lex Luthor?!?!

Nyxly is not convinced that the “Fancy Banker” is the key to her success.  He (Lex) states that he is coming from the future, that he and Nyxly are partners and that in his future she did assemble the All Stone – but not in the right way and…she dead.  Lucky for her (WOW) Lex was there, secured her consciousness and put it in the Lex-O Suit that he delivered in the last episode.  Mitch identifies the fancy banker as Lex Luthor.  Nyxly knows Lex is the one who sent Kara into the Phantom Zone.  You know what Nyxly hates the most?  Men who send women into the Phantom Zone.  Lex zaps out of the scene.

Supergirl declares her CatCo quittedness to the Superfriends.  Brainy has a plan to draw Nyxly out so they can finally show down the showdown.  He needs Lena and Nia.  Supergirl and J’onn are working together, interrupted by Alex who shows off the bling she’s going to put on Kelly!  There’s a history lesson on the year ago that Alex and Kelly mutually cried out Hans Gruber as the best movie villain and here we are ready to make it a forever thing.  Esme could not care less about elaborate proposal planning as long as there’s mozzie sticks.  My girl!!  Al’s Bar is not available on their special night because it’s all booked up for a special event.  Alex is majorly disappointed, and confused, because Al’s is never booked for anything. 

Otis is thrilled to see Lex again, especially since he (Otis) is now on the LutherCorp Board of Directors – (Nice touch, writers – well played).  Otis tries to convince Lex that he doesn’t need the Imp.  Lex explains that the only thing he wants is Nyxly – the love of his life.  Otis: “I’m sory, say what?”  Us:  “Bull*%&$&!!”  Lex has to convince Nyxly now that his heart and intentions toward her are genuine so that their relationship has a second chance (where she ain’t…dead).  Otis no understand this but “if she loved you before just do that again.”  Otis is a genius.

William’s on the case putting out the latest press release about the Superfriends Plan!  In a Kryptonian witch séance they have surmised that the next Totem will be the Love one that Nyxly will target.  Lena’s going to magic up a fake love totem with the same totem energy as the real thing, and they’re going to lure her to their ultimate trap!  MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  (Sorry.)  Alex almost proposes to Kelly in a car but that is interrupted by Nyxly’s appearance.  (Whew.)  Lena creates a magical ring that Nyxly can’t cross and then the fireworks start exchanging.  Nyxly is.  Almost.  Done.  For.  And then Lex Kryptonite’s his way on the scene.  Lena is a touch furious and starts a fire with the fake totem.  “Miss me, Sis?” drolls Lex.

Nyxly is asking Lex how his sister can fake a totem, and fool her Mxy ball about its signal…and “how did you know where I was?” Lex reveals his little surveillance drone.  Imp.  No.  Pleased. ”Creep!”  (She ain’t wrong, y’all)  She rejects his offer to help and beams me up, Mitch!!  “I love you…” Lex whines to her absence.  Supergirl is healed with Lena’s help and Supergirl wants to make sure Lena is OK, after seeing Lex and all.  Lena admits that her anger creates a FAWYER!  Lena needs to bench her magic and Supergirl agrees, “You’re so much more to this team than magic.”  AMEN, people, AMEN!  Andrea is drooling over William, drooling on William, drooling about William’s news that Nyxly and Lex are working together.  William wants to make sure that the story is legit and Andrea ain’t very interested.  He’ll go undercover with Lex’s organization if he has to.  The Superfriends can’t figure out how Lex came back into the picture until Brainy realizes he’s been hanging out in the 31st century.  Brainy wants to use the totems that they have against the evil duo.  J’onn says they can use the energy of the totems instead of the totems themselves.  I reach for my Advil… Brainy is uber bothered that Lex has technology from the 31st century and wishes he could know what Lex was up to.  He won’t contact the Legion because the last time he knew future stuff he teamed up with Lex and things went fuzzbuckets.  Supergirl and J’onn figure they can only use the courage totem to work the plan.  What is the plan?  No earth-prime idea.  J’onn is going to go through Season 6 – Episode 13 “The Gauntlet” since Supergirl never passed it and she’s not going to try now.  Thanks very much, writers!!  We go back in time to when J’onn lacked courage at the very end when the White Martians took out everything and everybody.  Not. This. Time. In. J’onn’s.  Mind.

Lex and Otis go over the future history of Lex and Nyxly going over the different options to get Nyxly on board the love train.  Otis suggests brainwashing.  “That is the underpinnings of a toxic relationship,” replies Lex.  Otis suggests just telling her how Lex really feels.  Lex laughs.  The duo have Mitch captured.  Mitch is going to give Nyxly very important info but not tell her where he got it – where the love totem is.  Nia also simultaneously dreams where the Love totem is – Portugal!  Nyxly shows up, repels our heroes, again (oy, ve), and Supergirl has Phantoms all up in her mind grill.  The love totem disappears before Nyxly can get it.

Supergirl recovers and they can’t figure out where the totem went.  Except that the totems are now found out to appear and disappear randomly throughout history.  I reach for more Advil… Nyxly seeks out Lex, who is waiting for her at his grand piano.  She wants to know if he knows where it went.  But no lovey dovey, just his help.  J’onn is guilty that he couldn’t protect Supergirl just like he couldn’t ultimately save his Martian daughters.  Supergirl admits the dream energy took her back to the phantoms and that it’s *really* hard to find hope. (Perhaps because you DESTROYED HOPE?!?!?!?) J’onn theorizes that maybe these experiences are trying to tell them that they are stronger than their fears.  He can’t save his Martian daughters, but he can save his family now.  Supergirl says they should use their totems as weapons. If they use the humanity totem Supergirl could lose her (Kryptonian) humanity.  More Advil… Supergirl wants Lena to magic up her a force field.  Lena’s like “did you not understand that I’m all fired up at the moment?!”  Supergirl is hoping that Lena will understand that using the totems is the only answer.  Supergirl knows that her family will pull her back from the nightmare of becoming a Phantom.  Lena can use her new family to pull her back instead of being attached to Lex as her family.

William comes upon Alex, who explains that her proposal to Maggie went fuzzbuckets and she is worried about the same deal going down with Kelly.  William says that with Lex around nothing is guaranteed.  “If you have love to give, give it now.”  (Still don’t appreciate you, William, but you’re not wrong.)  Lex has blended up magic and 31st century tech to fix the Mxy ball.  Nyxly asks if she gets her revenge in the future.  Lex paints a glory-full picture of her revenge.  “Every time you talked about it you glowed.”  Mxy ball tells Nyxly where the love totem is for realzzz.

Alex tries to bullrush Al’s bar since it’s supposedly booked but it turns out the surprise is on her because Kelly and Esme are the ones who booked the bar.  Kelly knows it’s the anniversary of the first time that she knew Alex was the one.  (Chyler is going to make me cry.)  Alex wants to be the one who proposes.  She goes into her pocket and pulls out (not the ring but…) the love totem.  Nyxly and Lex show up and start firing.  Esme screams for Supergirl.  Lex and J’onn go toe to toe while Supergirl and Nyxly go at it.  Lena magic up’s the force field, Supergirl uses the humanity totem as a weapon, J’onn takes Lex out and joins Supergirl in the fight.  Nyxly is almost done so Lex beams her out of there, even though he could have grabbed the love totem.  It turns black from the pink that it was.

J’onn says he hit the love totem with all the energy of the courage totem, which turned it black.  Kelly wonders if the love totem is toast, does that mean all of the love in the. whole. world. gone?  Alex says no way!  “That thing turned black but I still love all y’all!”  Alex says we’re surrounded by chaos, but nothing could tell her apart from Kelly.  She proposes.  All of the Superfriends are there to celebrate.  Except Lena.  And Nia.  But Brainy captured the video.  Booooooooooooo.  Meanwhile, Lex fixes Nyxly from her total blast of Humanity and Courage.  She doesn’t understand why Lex abandoned the love totem to save her.  She wants the truth.  Lex declares the truth is that he loves her with the fire of 10,000 destroyed hope totems.  She is his equal in every way and he was overwhelmed by her.  She admits no one has ever acted selflessly for her and so therefore they can be friends.  Then there’s the proposal party.  Brainy is moody because he can’t understand Lex’s selflessness either.  Brainy needs to know what changed him in the future and Nia assures him that he can call the future because he has her and team behind him.  Kara thanks Lena for her sacrifice and Lena thanks Kara for helping her free herself from Lex.  William ignores a call from Andrea to join a covert meeting with Otis.  She’s not happy so she Acrata’s up and goes for the information at Luthor manor herself and comes across a love poem Lex has written.  Nyxly is bummed because she can’t build the All Stone without the Hope totem.  Lex has it in his hands!!  Lex explains that you can destroy the shell of the totem, but its essence flows into something new.  Advil, Advil, Advil!!!!!!!!!  He also knows that the destroyed Love totem will come back and appears to be coming on the back of Esme’s neck.  I ram my head into the television – hence, more Advil.

Next week?  Dancing, Dancing, and more Dancing!

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Supergirl Season 6 – Episode 18, “Truth or Consequences” THREE EPISODES LEFT UNTIL THE SERIES FINALE – Supergirl is determined to keep everyone safe from Lex and Nyxly so she doubles down on patrol, especially as Alex and Kelly’s bachelorette party is coming up. Alex is torn between duty and finally allowing herself the time to enjoy her new family. Brainy receives heartbreaking news, and William clashes with Andrea over her recent coverage of Lex. The episode was directed by David McWhirter with story by Karen E. Maser and teleplay by Emilio Ortega Aldrich & Elle Lipson (#618). Original airdate 11/02/2021 at 9:00E/8:00C on the CW.


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