The fight for the totems has taken a desperate turn.  Supergirl and her team have five totems however Lex and Nyxly have stolen the most precious of them all.  The love totem has fused itself with Alex and Kelly’s young daughter Esme.  In true Lex fashion, he gives the Superfriends an ultimatum. They must give him the five totems they possess and the destiny totem then he will return Esme. The love totem is different from the others.   Not only did it fuse with a living being, but each time it is activated some of the petals from the flower tattoo on the little girl’s neck fall. Nyxly predicts that if all petals are allowed to fall then the totem will find a new host and will be lost to them. Lex and Nyxly disagree on how to separate the totem from Esme. Lex does not care if the little girl is hurt in the process. Lex thinks he is so clever, but we are shown a different side of Nyxly. She wants to possess the totem, but she doesn’t want Esme to come to any harm. Nyxly also wants to obtain the totem honestly by passing the love gauntlet. In making this choice the gauntlet is achieved and the love totem judges Nyxly worthy of possessing it. Meanwhile Alex and Kara are disagreeing on how to rescue Esme and keep the world safe. Alex wants to meet the ransom demands and take out Lex with her bare hands. Kara is worried about surrendering that much power to the enemy.   If Nyxly and Lex can unite the totems to create the All Stone, Supergirl is concerned they will be unstoppable.  She heads to Prague in pursuit of the destiny totem.  This magical item shows Kara a possible destiny that she cannot allow to happen.   If Nyxly and Lex wield the power of all the totems combined into the All Stone then they will destroy this planet and enslave its people. They must make a plan, so this future does not become a reality. Brainy has an idea to use a satellite to concentrate sunlight to super charge Supergirl. Alex just wants to take the totems and exchange them for her daughter. The sisters go their separate ways to try to achieve victory. In the final moments of absorbing the extra sunlight Kara has second thoughts.  The people she wants to help are scared and running away. This can’t be the right decision. Through the power of Brainy’s legion crown and a little magic from Lena, Supergirl is able to deliver one last hope speech to everyone all at once. This mobilizes the citizens of National City to be the heroes in their own life. As a result of that speech there are many people to back up our Superfriends.  The heroes won the day and evil has been defeated.  Now it is time for the happily ever after. However, our paragon of hope is still conflicted. In the quiet moments following Alex and Kelly’s wedding Kara gets an unexpected phone call. Cat Grant has bought Catco back and wants Kara to be her Editor in Chief.  Can she find the balance in her life? Can she be both?  After some encouragement from Alex and prodding that only Ms. Grant could provide Kara has made a decision. She does have the courage to do both and she will tell the world. She is Kara Danvers, Pulitzer winning reporter and Supergirl.  Kara reveals to the world she is our beloved Maid of Steel.

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DC One Million #4 (of 4)

Written by Grant Morrison released September 30, 1998 Even the combined power of the JLA’s core members is dwarfed by the awesome energies of Solaris, the Tyrant Sun. And with Vandal Savage in possession of what may be the last piece of Kryptonite in the galaxy, the villains’ plan finally becomes clear: to kill the original Man of Steel at all costs! $1.99 on Comixology!  

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