In this weeks Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom dance to victory on the high seas as they discuss episodes 7 and 8, “The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln” & “Old Hickory and the Pirate.”

The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln:

Bogg and Jeffrey literally drop in on a group of soldiers attacking a carriage, foiling their plans and getting themselves arrested in the process. As they are taken to a prison camp they quickly discover that the south has captured president Lincoln and is now on the verge of winning the civil war. Bogg creates a diversion while Jeffrey gets the date in which Lincoln was captured and how and the two quickly voyage out before the Confederate soldiers can stop them all the way to…

London 1832 due to not having enough time to properly set the Omni, which is promptly lost when a group of ne’er do wells who end up pickpocketing them. Unable to find the criminals, Bogg and Jeffrey wait till morning and soon find the boys who stole from them attempting to do the same to a lady in the marketplace. Bogg apprehends the boys and persuades them to take he and Jeffrey to their Boss, Fagin, who is reluctant to let them into their schemes, but does so anyway, putting them to a test to rob the lady they saved earlier, Marion Brownlow. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry and Jeffrey is found out by Marion during the robbery while Fagin escapes, leaving Bogg to go rescue him. Marion is hesitant to believe in his good will, but Bogg manages to convince her that they are good people simply trying to retrieve something that was stolen from themselves by Fagin and his group. With help from her and her fiance Charles Dickens, they manage to fool Fagin and his own boss Sykes, and rush back to the criminal’s hideaway, find the Omni, and escape to…

April 1862, where they infiltrate a party at which Lincoln had told Jeffrey he was kidnapped. Bogg impersonates a fellow spy, ingratiating himself with Jane Phillips, the female spy behind the whole scheme to kidnap Lincoln, by feeding her misinformation about the President’s route back to the capitol. As Jane rides with Bogg, Lincoln and his wife, she reveals her true loyalties when the carriage starts taking a different route than the one Bogg had given her. Pulling a gun, the carriage is ordered to return to the right route where it is ambushed by Jane’s men. Bogg tricks Jane and gets hold of her gun, leaving the carriage while one of Jane’s men commandeers the carriage and takes off with the president, the first lady, and Jeffrey who stowed away in the trunk. Bogg jumps onto the carriage, fighting the driver, while Jeffrey works on slowing the horses down, with both succeeding, ensuring the future of the United States and another green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Marion was played by Karen Dotrice. She played Jane Banks in Mary Poppins.

Marion Brownlow is not mentioned in Charles Dickens’ history. His first romance with Maria Beadnell (1830-33) didn’t go well. He meets Catherine Hogarth in 1834, and married her a year later. They had their first child a year later, eventually having 10 kids total. Dissatisfied with marriage and raising so many kids, he became interested in Maria again but it didn’t go anywhere. Then he met Ellen Ternan in 1857 and became interested in the actress. Divorce followed for him and Catherine in 1958.

Robert Blincoe is a possible influence for the character of Oliver Twist.

Fagin was played by Robert Phalen. He also played Dr Wynn in John Carpenter’s Halloween. Speaking of, there was no real life Fagin, Dodger, or Sykes, but Fagin was based on a thief named Ikey Solomon.

Dickens was played by Alex Hyde White who played Mr. Fantastic in Roger Corman’s (Pope of Pop Cinema, King of B-Movies) Fantastic Four movie, as well as young Henry Jones in the Last Crusade. He was also in Time Trackers with Ned Beatty and Wil Shriner. He is still a working actor today.

John Anderson played Lincoln several times in his career. We’ve seen him in the QL episode The Last Gunfighter as Pat Knight.

Steve was played by Cameron Dye. He was in Smallville as Lt. Sam Whelan, and the QL episode Killin’ Time as Leon Styles.

Ad Lib Man was played by Julian Barnes. He was in the L&C episode Battleground Earth, where he played a messenger.

Via Ginger: I believe the spy Jane Phillips, was meant to be Belle Boyd, one of the most famous Confederate Female spies. She was young and became a spy at 17. Belle was daring, often visiting the Union camps and flirting with the Union officers to retrieve secret information. These flirtations were her strong point. She dubbed herself The “Cleopatra of the Secession” when she gave lectures about her exploits. The media dubbed her “La Belle Rebelle,” “The Siren of the Shenandoah,” “The Rebel Joan of Arc,” and “Amazon of Secessia.”

Pinkertons Detective Agency, a precursor of sorts to the secret service, hired women and minorities.

Old Hickory and the Pirate:

Bogg and Jeffrey land into another red light, along with red coats as they discover that the Americans never won the War of 1812. Questioning local Baker Pierre LeFitte, they find that Jean LeFitte, a pirate who worked with General Andrew Jackson to win the war, was hanged in 1798. After a brief jaunt to 1803, helping explorers Lewis and Clark find the correct passage to continue their journey of America, they end up voyaging to…

1798 in the Bahamas, and after a slight skirmish with some pirates and their buried treasure, they find the tavern where Jean LeFitte was reported to have found lodging. While Jeffrey gets into some slight trouble with a blind man who is scamming people for money, narrowly escaping, Bogg seeks out LeFitte. He soon find him, but the two tavern owners, Lizzie and Annie, have plans of their own to sell LeFitte and a bunch of other able bodied men, to Black Bill Scroggins, the pirate our Voyagers encountered earlier, and with some drugged drinks, LeFitte is taken captive easily, Bogg in tow.

Jeffrey goes to Lizzie and Annie and persuades them to free Bogg in exchange for the location of Scroggins’ hidden pirate chest. Together, the women along with Jeffrey, Bogg, and LeFitte, begin digging for the treasure chest. Before long Scroggins shows up and a showdown ensues, with Bogg, LeFitte, Annie, and Lizzie winning but unfortunately the two maids take the two treasure for themselves while Jeffrey and Bogg must be content with simply setting LeFitte on the right track to being a future leader and hero as they voyage on to…

New Orleans, 1815 where the Battle of New Orleans is underway but LeFitte seems to be missing in action. Our duo soon finds that LeFitte and his men are trapped trying to get past a group of Redcoats and that is why they haven’t reported for duty. Bogg and Jeffrey stage a distraction allowing Lefitte and company to return to action, helping to win the battle and to shine the Voyagers’ green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

New Orleans 1815 is the setting but the subtitles say 1850.

Pierre Lefitte’s job wasn’t as a Baker; he was a blacksmith, spy and mercenary.

Jim (the exposition extra in the initial voyage) was played by A. Michael Baldwin. He also played Mike in the Phantasm series. He’s worked sporadically lately, mostly in horror films.

Maria was played by Ruth Britt who also played Celia Martinez in the QL episode All-Americans.

Meriwether Lewis was played by Bill McLaughlin. He also played a coroner in the QL episode Portrait for Troian.

Annie Brown was played by Tricia O’Neil. She also played Rachel Garrett in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Andrew Jackson was played Lance LeGaul. He did a lot of voicework in later years. He played The Balladeer in one of the Dukes of Hazzard video games, and played Chance McGill (Tess’ dad) in the QL episode How The Tess Was Won.

The war had ended weeks earlier, a treaty was signed, but word hadn’t gotten to the states yet by the time this battle started.

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “The Travels of Marco… and Friends” and “An Arrow Pointing East”.


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