In this Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom discover the unrelenting hard work of motherhood and play a long game of life defining sportsball as they discuss season 2 episodes 13 and 14, “Another Mother” and “All-Americans.”

Another Mother:

Sam finds himself as a female once again but this time as a divorced mother of three, trying to prevent the disappearance of her teenage son Kevin. Kevin is having a hard time with growing up, most notably in the area of sex, for which his friends are unrelenting in their teasing and pressuring. The “friends” eventually convince a female friend of Kevin’s, named Jackie, who he also happens to have a crush on, to help them pull a joke on him.

Meanwhile, adding to the stress of the leap is the fact that the youngest daughter Teresa can see Sam for who he really is and also can see Al! While Al entertains Teresa, Sam gets into a fight with Kevin, forbidding him from leaving the house and seemingly saving him from becoming kidnapped. However Kevin rebels and sneaks out anyway, heading to Jackie’s house where, he ends up starting to get undressed when his friends appear from hiding places to laugh at him for admitting out loud
that he was a virgin.

Kevin runs out humiliated and is eventually grabbed by two men in a van, while Sam arrives at Jackie’s house and discovers what went on. With Als help he manages to find the van, and using his martial arts skills subdues the two abductors, saving Kevin. Before he can leap however, Kevin needs to face his friends are school, which he does with help from Jackie who plants a huge kiss on him in the middle of the cafeteria. Across town, Sam begins to leap as Al says goodbye to Teresa, and promises he will come back someday to see her.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Troian Bellisario plays Teresa, the youngests daughter, in this episode. She is still working as an actor today. She was in the 2015 horror film “Martyrs” and the TV show “Pretty Little Liars”.

The son, Kevin, was played by Michael Stoyanov. He was in popular teen series “Blossom” and “Beverly Hills 90210”

The older daughter, Susan, is played by Olivia Burnette. She will appear again in Quantum leap as another sister in the next season.

There is a sequel to this episode in novel form called “Angels Unaware.” Summary: September 1981: Little Teresa is visited by an angel named Al. He promises to come back someday before vanishing in a flash of light. April 1995: Teresa is no longer sure she believes in Al–or anything else anymore. She goes to a monastery in England to rest, and, according to Ziggy, to die. Now Sam and Al must become true guardian angels, and save Teresa from certain death. Other previous leaps feature in the book to help Sam to solve the problem.
This episodes unsung hero is Molly Meeker. This is her only acting credit, but she does have one writing credit for “The Hitcher II: I’ve Been Waiting”

The new intro is narrated by Lance Legault, we’ve seen him before and the character Chance in How the Tess was Won.

When Al leaves as the woman comes into house, you can see the dissolve from one shot to the next.

The lab in the opening is stock footage from “Buck Rogers” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

Mind Vs Body: So if it’s just Sam’s mind leaping, the little girl should be seeing her mother. Instead she sees through the aura to Sams physical body. However, even Al sees Sam as the person he leaps in as. Still awfully confusing. Still a solid argument on both sides of the coin.

Kiss with History:

Susan is seen to be watching “Magnum PI” and swooning over his gorgeous physique. Although there is a time discrepancy where it is said to be after 8:30pm but the show aired from 7-8pm, the episode she was watching called The Black Orchid.

Al’s Fashion of the Week:

Red is still out! This season is all about the same old style but different colour! That’s right, take everything you own a dy it green. From fedora to slacks, shirts and suspenders, you’ll be impressing everyone with the “Angel Storyteller” collection


Sam leaps into a high school football player named Eddie Vega, on the verge of being recruited with just one hitch; his best friend, Chuey, also on the team, is going to throw their biggest game of the season in an attempt to make money to pay the scheming landlord Ruben, the rent his mother has been late on for many months.

So far, Ruben has been making money betting on their high school team and decides that for Chuey’s plan to work, he must throw the game, the only way to guarantee a big monetary win for himself. Sam confronts Ruben and a scuffle is had that is broken up by their coach, sending Ruben away and chastising his players for jeopardizing their chances for a win by risking injuries.

Chuey tells Sam to keep the ball away from him during the game but Sam refuses, leading to Chuey faking an injury to get out of the game, taking him out of the equation and out of the college scouts eyes who are there to recruit players for their teams. Al tells Sam that the two teens have a friendship as close as their own so Sam also takes himself out of the game, throwing away his chance to be recruited as well. Chuey won’t allow that to happen so he decides that they both need to get back into the game, which they do, winning the game.

Ruben, enraged that he lost so much money now, threatens to report Chuey’s mother to immigration so that she will be sent back to Mexico, but Sam reasons that if she marries Eddie’s father, a US citizen, then she will also become a US citizen and safe from deportation, and thus, Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

#12 is also Scott Bakula’s number in the film “Unnecessary Roughness.”

A note on football rules: although time had expired on the clock, a football game cannot end on a defensive penalty, such as defensive pass interference. Consequently, enforcement of the penalty included another play for the Jaguars.

This episodes unsung hero is Corey Smith. He has two acting credits.

The two street views of the after game party are from “La Bamba” (1987). In each scene you see Esai Morales’ character riding a motorcycle.

Kiss with History:

Jane Fonda Calisthenics were mentioned by Al when Sam is motivating training with music.

The shows writers also predicted that during Super Bowl 30, The Steelers would be out by 3 points.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Her Charm” and “Freedom”


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