In this weeks episode, Cory and Tom are unlucky at love, unlucky at cards and unlucky at haircuts as they discuss “How the Tess Was Won” and “Double Identity.”

How the Tess Was Won:

Sam finds himself as a veterinarian named Doc in 1950’s Texas who has a secret crush on Tess, a hard headed and stubborn woman who doesn’t care about getting married to anyone despite her father’s insistence that she do so. Eventually the two make a bet that if any man of her pick can out cowboy her, she will marry him, which results in Sam being the lucky contender. Despite sabotage attempts another fellow cowboy named Wayne, Sam manages to keep up with Tess in events they come up with. She gives him a tie breaker challenge to ride a horse named widowmaker, a horse that thus far only Tess herself has ever ridden due to its wild nature. While Sam had hoped to get help from Al in calming down the excitable equine, Sam is left to his own devices and manages to ride him, winning the bet and the woman but declines the marriage.

Tess goes to Sam on her father’s advice and learns of his crush but is then faced with Wayne who arrives and confesses his own love for her as well. Eventually she makes the decision to marry Wayne and Sam discovers the real reason he was here: to help his young assistant Buddy come up with a song named Peggy Sue.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Last episode Ziggy predicted Sam would show up as a farmer but he got sidetracked to the boxing match, so it’s a nice bit of continuity for him to show up as a farm veterinarian here in this episode.

The body or mind debate continues- Doc’s reflection shows glasses, but Sam isn’t wearing them. Doc also isn’t up to the physical tasks, being shown as thin in the mirror reflection, but Sam is in good shape.

Finally, this weeks unsung hero- playing Doc’s reflection is Sloan Fischer. Sloan passed away on August 28, 1995 from unknown causes at the age of 38.

Kiss with History:

Pretty clear in this episode, Sam helps to inspire Buddy Holly to write the song “Peggy Sue.”

Al’s Fashion of the Week:

A Hawaiian style button down with beautifully contrasting Orange Nasturtium flowers allows to wearer comfort during times of non-vital electrical system shutdowns throughout the day. And at at night, you cozy up with a heavy fur coat and matching cossack, but allowing that vibrant orange colour to shine through in a matching scarf. This is “The Polar Opposites” collection.

The Right Hand of God:

Sam leaps into a compromising position as he discovers he is an Italian mafia Hitman who’s having a secret relationship with Teresa, the mistress of Don Geno, the head of said mafia. Meanwhile, Al has little to no information about what Sam needs to do to leap because Ziggy has shut down all non essential systems in an attempt to calculate the data needed to leap Sam back home.

Sam ends up crossing a line when he goes into Teresa’s salon to get his haircut, incurring the wrath of Don Geno, however with help from Al, he manages to extradite himself from the threat of death.

Al finally gives Sam instructions on what he needs to do in order for Ziggy to leap him back: first, plug a hair dryer into a particular house, next, turn it on at a certain time, and finally, recreate the event that he originally kept into. Sam enlists Frankie’s brothers in the first two parts of that plan, and convinces Teresa to join him for the final part of that plan.

However, Don Geno, having been informed of Sam and Teresa’s secret affair, interrupts their make out session and attempts to take Sam’s life. Luckily, Ziggy’s plan goes into effect at that very moment which causes Sam to leap out of Frankie’s and into Don Geno himself. Knowing that after he leaps again Don Geno will simply have Frankie killed, Sam makes a public announcement that Frankie and Teresa are to be married with his, Don Geno’s, blessing. Sam then finds out what he has to do to leap: pull out a winning bingo number for Frankie’s grandmother so she can finally at long last win an actual bingo game.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Page Mosely played Frankie in this episode, he was also in the movie “Hunk” that starred BirdDog as Hunk.

Mike Genovese was Don Geno, if you followed us over from The Flash ’90 Rewatch he was Lieutenant Garfield.

Mark Margolis as Don Geno’s right hand guy, has done a ton of stuff, the same with Frankie’s dad played by Joe Santos.

Body or mind? “Frankie’s condition in the waiting room left little to the imagination”, says Al. When he showed up in the waiting room, having just been intimate with Teresa, was he physically there?

Kiss with History:

There actually was an east coast blackout on this date in 1965, where many homes across the east coast, even into Canada, were left without power for up to 13 hours. Here’s some news coverage of the event.

Also Sam mentions Jimmy Hoffa, who at the time was the leader of the Teamsters Union and involved in organised crime. He’s most famous for his mysterious disappearance which is unexplained to this day.

Whats Next?

Next week’s episode discussions are “The Color of Truth” & “Camikazi Kid”.


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