In this weeks Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom face the perils of not actually being blind and find themselves between rock n’ roll and a hard place as they discuss season 2 episodes 5 and 6 “Blind Faith” and “Good Morning, Peoria.”

Blind Faith:

Sam leaps into a pianist named Andrew Ross with an assistant named Michelle who has an overbearing mother whom she has to hide her job from. Al informs him that his mission is to save Michelle from becoming another victim of the Central Park Strangler, a killer on the loose attacking women in the park at night.

When Michelle’s mother trails Sam home, she catches him reading a box and surmises that Andrew is faking his blindness and warns him against getting involved with her daughter.

After Sam plays Andrew’s concert due to his natural ability and help from Al, Michelle’s mother shows up and due to a mistake by Sam, seems to confirm the mother’s accusation that he is faking his blindness. Michelle runs off, crying, and finds herself accidentally walking through the park and becoming the target of the Central Park Strangler. She fights him off and runs away and soon finds herself encountering Andrew’s police officer neighbor Pete but realized that he is actually the strangler.

Sam chases after Michelle but as a camera flash bulb explodes in front of him, he discovers that he really has become blind, temporarily at least. Al leads Sam to Michelle where she is struggling against Pete and with coaching from Al, and help from his seeing eye dog Chopin, Sam overpowers the villain.

Once again Michelle’s mother attempts to reveal the fake blindness and thrusts a lit match in front of Sam’s eyes but he doesn’t react due to his temporary blindness. Michelle’s mother decides that if Michelle wants to be with Andrew that she won’t stand in her way any longer and Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Our “Body or Mind” debate continues. Tom definitely has more cards in his deck at this point, but Cory did find an interesting article from Scientific America titled When Blindness Is in the Mind, Not the Eyes.

The actor who played the stage manager, complaining about smoking backstage, was a familiar face. This was Sloan Fisher, who was our unsung hero in the episode How the Tess was Won.

And speaking of unsung heroes, this weeks is Billy Burdin. Billy is actually a blind pianist and jazz lounge performer. You can read more about him here.

And finally, shlock horror hounds may recognise actor Cynthia Bain, who played Michelle in this episode, from the cult film “Pumpkinhead”.

Kiss with History:

On the 9th of February, 1964, The Beatles did play The Ed Sullivan Show. The woman of New York did go crazy for this, there first performance in America, playing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

Al’s Fashion of the Week:

The white suit has an appropriate time and place for wear, but you can look as slick as your blanched slacks. Typically worn at outdoor venues or even weddings (the “no white” rule only applies to woman), slim fitting, all white attire can also class up any covert, live piano performance. Cigar ash can be hazardous to your swag.

Good Morning, Peoria:

Sam leaps into a DJ named Howling Chick Howell in the 1950’s, facing a slew of angry townspeople, led by newspaper editor Fred Beeman, who want rock n roll stopped. After a decision is made in court demanding rock n roll no longer be played in town, Sam, with the station manager, Rachel, lock themselves up in the station and decide to keep playing rock n roll. Fred tries everything he can think of to shut them down, from throwing bricks through the station windows, to cutting off their power and destroying their broadcasting antenna, and finally even attempting to break down their door with an ax, but a backup generator and Sam’s idea of using the copper gutters as an antenna help them continue their crusade.

Eventually, what convinces Fred to give up his cause is a quote Sam recites on air, written by Beeman himself, from years earlier at the end of world war 2. The reminder causes Beeman to reflect in his actions and he gives up his cause, allowing the station to play what they choose, in turn ensuring Rachel has a successful station as well as a successful relationship with Chick.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

This episodes unsung hero is editor Douglas Ibold. He worked as editor on “Magnum PI”, another show created by Don Belisario. We imagine, although not working on a TV at the time according to IMDb, he was probably familiar with crew on the show and was perhaps offered this moment by the director or even Don himself.

If you were around in the 90’s, you must have recognised Patricia Richardson, who was most notably in “Home Improvement” with Tim Allan.

Kiss with History:

Chubby Checker appears at WOF 730AM and is the real deal. Not so flattering for Chubby to apparently look exactly the same 30years later, but still cool that they got the man himself.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Thou Shalt Not…” and “Jimmy”


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