In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom see far into their future and have a few whiskeys to celebrate as they discuss season 4 episodes 13 & 14, “Temptation Eyes” and “The Last Gunfighter.”

Temptation Eyes:

Sam leaps into Dylan Powell, a news reporter who after a run of bad luck is back on top of the news game having received a series of tips about the murders of hookers in the Chinatown area of San Francisco. Working with the police is a psychic named Tamlyn who, according to Al, will be murdered herself in two weeks in Valentine’s Day.

Sam finds himself immediately taken with Tamlyn and the two begin a friendship that quickly turns into a romance after she first calls him by his real name and then later sees his real face in the mirror. Dylan’s cameraman Ross shows signs of jealousy as the two grow closer and Sam forgets Ross’s birthday.

The police, working by Tamlyn’s psychic readings, have been looking for a suspect, but it is Al who finds the man, Tony Beche, and leads Sam to him. Unfortunately, Al tells Sam that Tamlyn still dies, leaving them to realize that Tony was merely a copycat killer. Another tip comes through for Dylan that tells him Tamlyn will be the next victim.

Sam decides to go to Chinatown with Tamlyn so she can try and sense where the real killer is. Sam is separated from Tamlyn and Ross when he runs after a suspect which ends up not panning out. When he returns and find Tamlyn missing, Sam and Al deduce that Ross is the actual killer. Al leads Sam to where Ross is holding Tamlyn and Ross explains he committed the murders first accidentally, but then realized it would be a story that could get him and Dylan their jobs back after having been fired. Sam convinces Ross to let Tamlyn go but Ross is distraught and decides to jump. Sam struggles to save him but he eventually falls and dies.

Tamlyn says goodbye to Sam, knowing they won’t see each other again, and Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Tamlyn is played by Tamlyn Tomita. She starred in The Karate Kid 2 as Tumiko. She has also appeared in Man in the High Castle, the Teen Wolf Series and The Good Doctor.

Ross was played by James Handy. He had a small part in The Rocketeer and most recently in Logan as a doctor.

Tony Beche was played by Rob Labelle. He was also in Man in the High Castle and was also in Watchmen as Wally Weaver.

Al says February 14th 1985 was a full moon, that’s not right according to the Calendar.

This episodes unsung hero is Harker Wade. He was the Supervising Producer on 67 episodes of Quantum Leap and Producer on 29 episodes. He also served as a Producer on Knight Rider, Manimal, Tequila & Bonetti and Seaquest DSV.

The Last Gunfighter:

Sam leaps into Tyler Means, a now retired old west gunfighter living in Coffin Arizona, spinning his tales of yesteryear to anyone who’ll listen and spending his days in recreations of gun battles from a bygone era. One such tale was picked up by a national magazine and has caught the attention of Hollywood who wants to make a show based on his stories, even though many locals, most notably the sheriff, believe Tyler’s tales to be mostly fiction.

All of the attention however has reached an old partner of Tyler’s named Pat Knight, who claims that Tyler has lied and edited his own part in the stories, and has come to town to face him in a showdown to reclaim his pride.

Al tells Sam he is there to prevent not only Tyler getting shot, but also to make sure that Tyler’s Grandson, Stevie, doesn’t end up with a bad life ahead of him. Sam is adamant that he won’t fight Pat, even though his grandson Stevie begs him to, referring to lessons that Tyler taught him growing up. Al even tries to help Sam learn how to shoot but he’s a slow learner, while Pat seemingly still has his quick draw abilities.

Eventually Sam decides that the only option he has is to face Pat and hope that his own younger reflexes can help him outdraw the much older Pat. However, they discover that Stevie has taken Tyler’s gun and gone off to face Pat, disappointed that his grandfather had chosen to not fight and determined to make sure their family honor would be maintained. Sam arrives just in time to stop Stevie from shooting and faces off Pat in the showdown, which ends up going as Sam predicted with his reflexes beating Pat to the draw. Even though all has worked out, according to Al, Sam arranges for Pat to become a consultant on the aforementioned TV show, with the chance to make guest appearances on it as well and with the matters all settled and all reputations intact, Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Pat is played by John Anderson who is well known for playing cops, rough and gruff types, judges, generals, etc since the early days of TV. He played Holbrook in the Disneyland TV series episode called I-Man in 1986 which starred Scott Bakula in his first role as Jeffrey Wilder. IMDb describes it as “a man is exposed to an alien gas, he acquires the ability to heal instantly and survive any injury or toxin.”

Lucy was played by Susan Isaacs. We’ve seen her in the Lois and Clark episode Toy Story as the Nanny. She also played the wife of the wrestler in Quantum Leap episode Heart Of A Champion. She’s worked consistently up to present day.

The NBC Exec was played by Kenneth Tigar, who was in the Lois and Clark Pilot as Dr Platt, and The Flash ‘90 episode Alpha as Dr Rossick. Most recently was in The Post and Man in the High Castle.

The Sheriff was played by O’Neal Compton who we have seen in the Lois and Clark episode Individual Responsibility, the red Kryptonite episode, as Gene Newtrich.

This episodes unsung hero as Tyler Means was Paul Boardman. He was an extra in the 1956 version of Around the World in 80 Days, then in 1984 he did a so-bad-it’s-good comedy called Hollywood Hot Tubs, and then after QL he was in Younger and Younger credited as Elderly Gentleman.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “A Song for the Soul” and “Ghost Ship”.


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