In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom run amuck with little green space men as they discuss season 5 episodes 5 & 6, “Killn’ Time” and “Star Light, Star Bright.”

Killn’ Time:

Sam leaps into Leon Stiles, a murderer on the run who has just taken a woman named Carol and her young daughter hostage.

Sam manages to change history by releasing the young girl in order to make sure she doesn’t get killed in a shootout between Stiles and the police, but unfortunately according to Al, Stiles will now die when the Sheriff, whose daughter was killed by Stiles, storms the house.

Added to the situation is the fact that in the future, Stiles has managed to escape the waiting room and the quantum leap project itself and is now at large, leaving Al to track him down and bring him back alive so Sam can leap.

In the past, Sam manages to use his medical knowledge to convince Carol, a med student herself, that he is actually a time traveling physicist, and is not there to hurt anyone.

Meanwhile Al has managed to track down Stiles and prevent him from murdering a prostitute. Suddenly face to face with his reflection and seeing Sam’s body and face instead of his, Stiles rushes back to the project and threatens Gooshie, demanding to be sent back but luckily Al returns and tranqs the murderer, getting him back to the waiting room.

Al returns to the past with the good news just as the Sheriff storms the house with Sam locked in his sights. Carol however steps in front of the gun and pleads with the sheriff to be remembered as a good man who misses his daughter rather than a man who killed another man in cold blood. Al then reports that THAT was Sam’s mission, to be sure the sheriff didn’t throw his life away by killing Stiles instead of simply arresting him, as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

The Hooker was played by Carolyn Lowrey. She was in the movie Candyman as a character named Stacey. Her last credit was back in 2000 playing Dr Lisa Finch in a movie called Octopus.

Beverly Mitchell played Becky Pruitt. She went on to be in Seventh Heaven as the daughter, Lucy, and later appeared in Saw 2 as Laura Hunter.

This episodes unsung hero is Cameron Dye. He’s still working to this day. He started in 80’s teen movies like Joy of Sex, he was in Last Starfighter as Andy and later appeared on Smallville as Sam Phelan.

Al’s Five Wives:

Al confirms his second wife was Hungarian, meaning we made the wrong assumption about his third wife Ruthie. We still don’t know the second wife’s name but it may start with a P.

Star Light, Star Bright:

Sam leaps into Max Stoddard, a man who, at the time of the leap in, was witnessing a UFO sighting and is also known around town and his family for being a UFO enthusiast, going so far as to keep detailed records of sightings and abductions throughout the years. Unfortunately, this behavior has led his family to thinking he is slowly losing touch with reality. The only family member who seems to have any sympathy for him is his grandson Tim, who has his own hopes of making a career with his music, despite his father John’s resistance.

John is already at wits end and ready to commit Max to a mental hospital where he can receive better care than he and his family can provide. Indeed Sam furthers his son’s fears accidentally by talking to Al, whom no one else can see of course, making them think the old man is truly going insane.

Sam does manage to complete part of his mission by preventing his grandson’s future drug overdose by talking to him about the many musicians who will die from their addictions in the future.

The family is paid a visit by government operatives who have been keeping tabs on Max, curious about his knowledge of UFOs and they arrange for a meeting so they can interview him more in depth. Unfortunately another case of Sam talking with Al results in Tim finally agreeing with his father that Max needs professional help and together they have him committed, which does have the fortunate side effect of bringing the father and son closer together.

The government men however are on hand at the hospital and dose Sam with truth serum in order to obtain all the information he knows about UFOs but of course the serum makes Sam reveal his real name and information about Project Quantum Leap. John and Tim see the government car at the hospital and suspecting something sinister the two break into the hospital at gunpoint and rescue Max from the men, escaping into the woods where Sam first leapt in and just as he had predicted with Max’s records, a UFO suddenly appears and according to Al, is going to abduct Max for the ride of his life as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Tim was played by Morgan Weisser. He later played Lee Harvey Oswald in the X-Files episode “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man”. He also appeared in “Space, Above and Beyond” as Lt. Nathan West. He’s had various other roles here and there, his last credit being from 2010, Abelar Tales of an Ancient Empire with Kevin Sorbo.

The Police Officer was played by Josh Coxx. We’ve seen him in the Sliders episode Electric Twister Acid Test as Martin. He was also in Babylon 5 as Tech David Corwin.

This episodes unsung hero was Douglas Stark as Max. He was in the Lois and Clark episode Super Mann as William Stockdale.

Whats Next?

This was the last episode for 2018. Our next episodes discussion is “Deliver Us From Evil” only, as there is an upcoming 3 parter! We’ll pick that up in January.


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