In this weeks Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom help a sinking ship launch into space as they discuss episodes 15 & 16, “Voyagers of the Titanic” and “Pursuit.”

Voyagers of the Titanic:

Bogg and Jeffrey land on the RMS Titanic on the night of it’s fateful trip in which it encountered an iceberg causing the ship to sink. While Jeffrey insists that the can save everyone on the ship by warning them, Bogg insists that sometimes bad things are supposed to happen. Jeffrey refuses to believe his words and runs off to earn the captain.

While trying to chase down Jeffrey, Bogg is stopped by the Titanic’s general director, Bruce Ismay, which leads him into a conversation with silver magnate Molly Brown, who comments that Bogg’s Omni is the second device that she has seen tonight, and gives him the details of the Man who was showing it off earlier, someone named Haggerty. While Molly goes to retrieve Jeffrey, Bogg goes to Haggerty and upon seeing Bogg’s Omni, reveals his own and where he got it, a tied up woman in an adjoining room.

Meanwhile, the captain of the Titanic did not heed Jeffrey’s warning and the ship soon hits the iceberg. The sudden jolt causes a distraction allowing Bogg to rescue the woman and the two run off, despite her protests about returning to the room to retrieve the Mona Lisa Painting, and reunite with Jeffrey and Molly, with Haggerty and his goons close behind. Seeing no way out, Bogg, Jeffrey, and the rescued woman activate the Omni and voyage to…

1884 France, where Louis Pasteur is trying to rein in a dog gone mad with rabies. The woman attempts to take charge and capture the dog but only succeeds in allowing it to bite Jeffrey leaving Bogg to subdue the dog himself. As Pasteur tries to treat Jeffrey’s injury, the woman reveals herself as Olivia Dunn, a Voyager that was on a mission trying to rescue the Mona Lisa from Haggerty when she got captured. As he and Bogg argue, the local medical doctor, Dr Bernard shows up and takes Jeffrey away to be treated with medicine properly rather than at the hands of the chemist, Dr. Pasteur.

Olivia wants to travel ahead into the future and get some of the vaccine to bring back but Bogg explains that that won’t work given that Pasteur is ready to give up. Bogg and Olivia convince Pasteur to make more of the vaccine and to try it on Jeffrey and he agrees, leaving Bogg and Olivia to begin rounding up the things he needs to recreate the serum, all while the two continue their arguing. Eventually the vaccine is ready, but Olivia has run off on her own to retrieve Jeffrey from Dr. Bernard’s office, despite Bogg telling her not to earlier.

Olivia is caught trying to escape with Jeffrey and is about to be arrested when Bogg and Pasteur show up with the vaccine. Bogg fights his way through the officers guarding Jeffrey’s room and gets Pasteur in to administer the vaccine. Within moments, Jeffrey feels better, and Dr Bernard, his mind changed, talks of working together with Pasteur as the red light turns to green. Despite the successful mission, Olivia reveals she is ready to quit being a Voyager due to her recent missteps and failures, as she, Bogg, and Jeffrey voyage back to…

The Titanic. As the ship sinks, women and children are being evacuated, including Haggerty and his men trying to get on a lifeboat themselves with the stolen Mona Lisa. Bogg gives Olivia his Omni, telling her and Jeffrey to meet him in Paris, and he jumps over the railing and engages Haggerty and company in a fight, eventually ending with Bogg running off after Haggerty.

Jeffrey tries to help Bogg but is taken by the ship officers to a lifeboat with Molly, and lowered down to the ocean for rescue while Olivia comes to she senses, asks another lifeboat passenger to give Jeffery his “father’s” Omni, and rushes off to help Bogg herself. Jeffrey, realizing that the lifeboat could carry another person if he leaves, Omni’s out, hoping that Bogg will turn the red light to green and be able to meet him in Paris.

Meanwhile, Bogg gets the upper hand with Haggerty, retrieving the Omni, but gets himself into a tight spot, leaving Olivia to come to his rescue as Haggerty runs off, leaving the Mona Lisa behind. With the Omni having fallen to a lower level, Olivia helps lower Bogg down as he manages to reach the device and activates it, Omni’ing them out to…

Paris, France, where they reunite with Jeffrey. Olivia explains that the painting has been returned to its proper place and that she has decided to NOT quit and Omni’s out while Bogg and Jeffrey enjoy a well earned green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

This episode used deleted/unused footage from Raise the Titanic! (1980) and Titanic (1953)

Jon-Erik Hexum played Molly Brown’s boisterous husband, Johnny, to great reviews in a summer theater production of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” in 1981.

This episode and the Pilot were edited together into a ninety-one minute, made-for-video movie in 1984 called “Voyager from the Unknown”.

Titanic had a coal fire going on, which possibly damaged the hull where the iceberg hit below water. This also accounts for the speed it was going at. Almost full speed.

Bruce Ismay did help women and children get in lifeboats. On one lifeboat, on the other side of the ship, there were no more women or children around so he went in. He became vilified for this action.

Reports that Ismay pushed the caption to go faster do not fit the proof. He was also not the one who dressed up as a woman to get in the lifeboat. Some lifeboats were sent without full capacity so no one would have had to disguise themselves. One boat had a bunch of men, and they were ordered out by gunpoint, one steerage passenger on it had a shawl placed over his face by a woman to disguise him. Ismay is a scapegoat because of his perceived responsibility for the accident and his escape.

The author Morgan Robertson wrote a story eerily similar to what happened on the Titanic, called The Wreck of the Titan.

Lee De Broux played Haggerty in this episode. We’ve seen him as the coach of the losing team in the the QL episode Genesis Part 2. He also played a cop in the movie Ratboy.

The Captain was played by Hugh Reilly. He was the father from the original Lassie show from season 5 and onward, with June Lockhart, plus the movies.

Molly Brown was played by Fionnula Flanagan. She later appeared in Lost as Eloise Hawking. She was also in “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure” and “Angels Sing”. She’s still a working actor today.

Don Maxwell played Seaman #2. He was in the QL Play It Again Seymour as a policeman. He was also in “Return of the Living Dead 2” as Billy’s Dad and “A Nightmare On Elm Street 5” as Coach Ostrow.

A bit of a goof: There is a wide shot of Dr. Pasteur around the desk. If you look up at the top of the screen, you see Bogg and Jeffrey’s shoes hanging in the frame.

Dr. Claude Bernard was a real person who did work with Pasteur. Both were working from different angles on why we get sick. Pasteur was working on germs and infectious microbes while Bernard was all about the internal balance of the body, arguing there are microbes and bacteria in the body so why do they not make us sick while others do.

Olivia was played by Tracy Brooks Swope. She has the occasional role here and there. She’s listed as the original voice of Jessica Rabbit in several places online, but we could not confirm that with a listing on IMDB or Wikipedia. An uncredited Kathleen Turner was actually the speaking voice of the character.


Bogg and Jeffrey land in Cape Canaveral in July of 1969 expecting to see the aerospace museum to celebrate Jeffrey’s birthday but instead find that the US Space program is all but defunct and the Russians have beaten them to space and to the moon. An exposition extra explains that the German scientists, led by Werner Von Braun, that were supposed to come to America and help them develop the program were instead sold out by a traitor and given over to the Russians. Armed with that information, Bogg and Jeffrey voyage off to…

Austria, May of 1945, where the Germans are losing the war with the Americans and Russians advancing on them. General Kammler has decided that if they can capture Von Braun and his group of scientists, he and his unit can make a deal as part of their surrender. Our Voyagers quickly find their way to Von Braun and company and find a man who has had it with being a leader rather than a proper scientist. Bogg tells Von Braun and his group that someone in their group is a spy letting Kammler know of their secret plans, a fact reinforced when Kammlers men show up at their secret hideout, as the scientists quickly escape to the mountains.

One of the scientists, Ernst, goes with Jeffrey to search for the American troops and eventually finds them. They return to camp letting Von Braun know that the Americans have only a small army with them and will need the scientists to come to them. As Von Braun and company, along with Jeffrey, begin their escape to the Americans, Bogg goes into the village with Erica Schumann, a scientist, and Kurt, a young man from the village, to find a radio so they can contact other scientists in hiding and also hoping to expose Kurt as the spy.

Unfortunately, Erica turns out to be the spy due to the Germans blackmailing her by threatening to kill her brother. Bogg comes up with an idea to use the scientists’ skills to make the Germans think the Americans are attacking the village, giving the scientists the distraction needed to get through the village to the Americans, ensuring that the US Space program gets back on track and allowing our duo to Omni out to…

1969, July, at Cape Canaveral, now properly renamed Cape Kennedy, where they watch the rocket take off for the moon and then stick around for a few days to witness the rocket actually landing on the moon, celebrating that success along with their green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Alan Myerson, the director of this episode, has had a long career in television. We’ve seen him before on The Rewatch, he directed Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach.

Otto was played by Bo Brundin. He was Tim Taylor’s swedish voiceover in an episode of Home Improvement.

Barrie Ingham played Kammler. He also played Danvers Carew in “Jekyll and Hyde”.

Ernst was played by Gregory Itzen. He’s appeared in Voyagers before, playing Davis the reporter in Bully and Billy.

Klaus was played by Robert O’Reilly. He played Gowron on Star Trek Next Gen and DS9, and later appeared in the comedy short “Roddenberry On Patrol”. We’ve also seen him as Victor Kelso in The Flash ’90 episode Fast Forward.

Wally was played by Beans Morocco. He played Bob the Janitor in Police Academy 5 and the Bank President in Police Academy 6. He was also in “The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning”, “Growing Pains”, “Just the Ten of Us” and played Harry in “Once Bitten”. IMDb states that “Not being a large man, he leaves a small environmental footprint.”

Willie was played by Patrick Gorman. He was the body double for Old Captain America in Endgame.

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “Destiny’s Choice” and “All Fall Down”.


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