In this weeks Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom learn to survive with misdirection as they discuss episodes 3 and 4, “Bully and Billy” and “Agents of Satan.”

Bully and Billy:

Bogg and Jeffrey find themselves in Cuba in 1898 during the famous Cuban Revolution against the Spanish, but unfortunately Teddy Roosevelt is not there to lead the attacks, resulting in Cuba losing. After gathering some information from a rebel named Rita and a pair of newspaper men, the Voyagers realize that they need to travel back to the old West to save Roosevelt who was shot by Billy the kid, a definite red light that they need to change to green.

Upon landing in 1880 in the old West, they are rescued from quicksand by Billy the Kid himself, who offers to let them ride along with him and his men. Jeffrey, having dressed up as Billy during previous halloweens, idolizes him and hangs on his every word while Bogg tries to convince him that Billy is not someone to look up to. Nevertheless, Jeffrey still finds himself at odds with Bogg when Billy offers him many chances to hold his gun and step out of Bogg’s shadow and become a man himself.

When Billy and the gang decide to rob a stagecoach in which Roosevelt is a passenger, Jeffrey convinced him to not shoot him. After Roosevelt is on his way, Bogg finds that the Omni still shows a red light, so they need to stick around to figure out how to fix things.

Meanwhile, Roosevelt has been trying to gather up a posse to take on Billy, but to no avail. Billy receives word of Roosevelt’s actions and decides to find him and kill him to set an example of what happens when you cross Billy the Kid. He convinces Jeffrey to come along, while ordering his men to keep Bogg at the camp.

Once in town, Jeffrey realizes what Bogg had been saying all this time and that Billy is nothing more than a bully who works not in having people respect him but fear him. Billy pushes Jeffrey away and prepared to take down Roosevelt until Bogg shows up and managed to tackle Billy, taking his gun. Jeffrey persuades Roosevelt to go back east so that he can fulfill his destiny and Billy is left confounded when Bogg and Jeffrey voyage away back to…

Cuba 1898, where Roosevelt is in charge as he should be but unfortunately he is captured. Bogg stages a distraction allowing Jeffrey and Rita to get Roosevelt back to his men and leading the attacks on San Juan Hill as he was supposed to, leaving Bogg and Jeffrey to voyage off to the next green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

The Rough Riders: Once Roosevelt joined the group, it quickly became the place for a mix of troops ranging from Ivy League athletes to glee-club singers, Texas Rangers and Indians. Although the group was diverse, they were very skilled horsemen and fighters.

Billy the Kid claims he shot 21 men, one for each year of his life.

Overland Stagecoach Company was real, and travelled the Overland Trail, created by Ben Holladay; the stage coach king. He later branched out into railroads and steam ships.

The henchman was played by Miguel Sandoval. He has an upcoming show called “Station 19” and was in “Medium” for 130 episodes. We’ve seen him before in the L&C episodes I’m Looking Through You and The Man of Steel Bars as a news staffer.

Rita was played by Iona Gallego from movies such as “My Crazy Ex Girlfriend”, “Mr Deeds” and “Anger Management”. She appeared in both “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She will also be appearing in “Station 19”.

Richard Harding Davis was known for his sensationalist journalism and was considered one of the first war correspondents. Davis and his illustrator, Frederic Sackrider Remington (known for western art), were sent to Cuba by the New York Herald’s publisher William Randolph Hearst to cover the Spanish-American War.

Davis was played by Gregory Itzin who was in the series “24” as President Logan.
He was also in “The Mentalist” and played Sam Phillips in Quantum Leap episode Memphis Melody.

Remington was played by Jon Lindstrom. He was in “General Hospital” for 209 episodes, “As the World Turns” for 223 episodes and “Port Charles” for 819 episodes.

Agents of Satan:

Bogg and Jeffrey find themselves landing in Salem Massachusetts in 1962 in the nick of time to save a young woman named Abiah Folger from being caught and executed as a witch. However, their escape is foiled and all three are imprisoned, awaiting their fate.

Believing the Voyagers to be agents of Satan summoned by the “witch” Abiah, Jeffrey and Abiah are forced to watch Bogg’s death as they begin to burn him alive. Luckily Jeffrey escapes his shackles, tackles his captors and manages to grab the Omni from them, and together he and Bogg voyage to…

Boston, 1924, and onto a table where Harry Houdini sits, waiting for a psychic named Margaret to produce a being from beyond the grave, which he mistakenly assumes are Bogg and Jeffrey. Bogg grabs the Omni back and the two are whisked away to…

Baltimore Maryland in 1814, where Jeffrey explains that their sudden presence at Houdini’s seance may have affected the magician, changing his mind about continuing to perform magic. After they find a poem on the ground, Jeffrey realizes that it is actually the lyrics of the the United States national anthem and quickly returns the paper to the author, Francis Scott Key, before Bogg returns them back to…

1924, Boston, where Margaret confronts them, thanking them for aiding her in her attempt to con Houdini into thinking she has actual mystical psychic powers. She intends now to use the two of them along with Houdini himself to further her own career and kisses Bogg, while pickpocketing the Omni and locking them in for the night.

The next day, Bogg and Jeffrey manage to escape and reveal themselves to Houdini, but there is little time to celebrate as Margaret again takes them captive, and buries them alive in an underground chamber. Bogg however, has turned the tails on Margaret by using her own trick on her: picking her pocket while kissing her to get the Omni back. Together the three companions travel through time and appear on Margaret’s seance table, enabling Houdini to expose her while Bogg and Jeffrey voyage back to…

1692, and together with Abiah, plan a way to get the townspeople to stop putting people on trial for witchcraft using a similar method that Margaret used to con people. The ruse works and the young accusers and townspeople denounce their actions, ending the persecution of the innocents in Salem, as Bogg and Jeffrey earn a well deserved green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

In Salam, the last witches were hung in September, however, the trials still continued.

“Goody” is an informal and shortened version of “Goodwife.” It was used of married women.

Abiah Folger (Ben Franklin’s mother) never was accused of witchcraft, but her sister got involved in the trials and accusations.

Reverend Parris’ daughter, Betty, was first to be afflicted and then her cousin Abigail followed suit. They complained of fever, barking and took weird posture positions. They also messed with fortune telling which they learned from their slave, Tituba. After the trials, Betty never apologized for her lies. The only girl who apologized of accusing people was Ann Putnam Jr.

With a eagle eye, you may have noticed Betty was played by Shannen Doherty. She went on to be in Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210 and Mallrats.

Earl Boen was Reverend Parris. He later appeared in the Terminator movies and Naked Gun 33 ⅓. He’s done a ton of voice work for cartoons and video games. We’ve seen him as Dr Heller in the L&C episode Madame Ex.

Reverend Nicholas Noyes was played by Guy Stockwell, older brother of Dean Stockwell. He appeared in the Quantum Leap episode Right Hand Of God/a> as a shady boxing promoter.

Goody Mary Easty, who was hung during the trials, made a petition before her death to appeal to common sense. Giles Corey was crushed to death, as he wouldn’t enter a plea.
Susannah Martin was also hung.

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “Worlds Apart” and “Cleo and the Babe”.


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