In this weeks episode, Cory and Tom find themselves forcing a future match as well as fighting for the lord as they discuss “Star-Crossed” and “The Right Hand of God.”


Sam leaps to find himself in the place of a college professor who has a well known history of allowing his female students to acquire extra credit via some “personal tutoring.” One such student, Jamie Lee, who is enamored with the professor, is the reason Al says Sam is here. Sam however, has other ideas as he yas found out that his one time fiance, Donna Elise, who left him at the altar in the future, is here at the same school and decided that this is his second chance.

Despite Al’s protestations that this is against Sam’s own Quantum Leap project rules, Sam spends time with Donna and eventually convinces her to join him on a trip to Washington DC to save a lost love. While Donna believes it to be a case of saving Jamie Lee and her boyfriend’s relationship, whom Sam has been trying to counsel in order to push Jamie Lee away from himself, Sam has actually decided to take Donna to see her father who left when she was just a child. His hope is that by connecting the two, it will allow Donna to heal and help her not run from relationships in the future. Al cautions that this means she could end up marrying someone else before him but Sam is adamant that is the way to go.

After Sam and Donna sneak into the building, they find Donna’s father and a tearful reunion is had, while Jamie Lee and her boyfriend, waiting in the car, avoiding the security patrols, get closer and kiss, resulting in Sam leaping out.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Of course, we have to mention that our Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher, appears in this episode as Donna Elise. We also found that the actress playing Jamie-Lee also appeared in the L&C episode “It’s a Small World After All” that you can hear us discuss here.

Also we found a great interview with co-executive producer and co-creater Deborah Pratt, who also directed this episode. It’s really worth a listen, so see below-

Kiss with History:

Pretty obvious call out this week to the Watergate Scandal. Tune into our discussion as we try to deconstruct how time travel may or may not have influenced this event, in relation to the show.

Al’s Fashion of the Week:

For passing coded messages to Astrophysicists with degrees in ancient languages, these Egyptian robes are must. This can be worn with your favourite green suit or any outfit in you wardrobe, the flowing white drapes and deep V neck line are held in place by a stunning gold clad sash, embossed with any desired message. Walk like an Egyptian with “The Subtle Spy” collection.

The Right Hand of God:

Sam leaps into a boxer named Kid Cody in the middle of a prizefight, and gets knocked down right away. He gets to his feet and with barely using any strength manages to knockout his opposition with one punch.

It turns out that the fight was rigged, that all of his fights so far have been rigged, and when Sam tries to retire from fighting, the man doing the rigging, Mr Edwards, convinces him that would be a bad life choice to make, threatening to blown off his knee caps. Sam heads to Cody’s apartment and meets his girlfriend Dixie, a sexy and smart stripper girlfriend who manages their money in hopes that someday they will open a donut shop together.

Sam trains with sister Angela who is determined to build a chapel to pay tribute to her family who died when she was young, as well as to the nuns who brought her up. The nuns recently inherited Cody’s contract and hope that his winning the championship will help finance the building of their new chapel. However when sister Angela learns that Cody is in the take, she loses her faith and trust in him.

Sam decides to win the next fight rather than continue taking dives and enlists Dixie’s help by distracting his opponent by streaking during the boxing match. The ruse works but Sam only manages to knock out his opponent down. Al shows up and peps Sam up, using his ability as a hologram to show Sam where to punch and he finally sends his opponent down and out for the count.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

He may not look it, but we did find that Jake Edwards (the mob booky) was played by Guy Stockwell! Yes, Dean’s brother.

Kiss with History:

The “Foreman vs Ali” fight of ’74, also called “The Rumble in the Jungle” was for real-

We also found that streaking was truely a big craze to make statements in the 70s, most notably Robert Opel who streaked the 46th Academy Awards in 1974-

Whats Next?

Next week’s episode discussions are “How the Tess Was Won” & “Double Identity”


We give thanks to some dedicated fan sights. For more information on Quantum Leap, please take the time to check out The Quantum Leap Wiki and Al’s Place.

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