After last weeks set of lacklustre episodes, The Flash 90 hits back with some outstanding stories for episodes 15 and 16. “Fast Forward” brings in the age old Flash staple of time travel and “Deadly Nightshade” sees the return of our favourite 50’s crime fighter while throwing in a cool twist for good measure.

Fast Forward:

The return of Nicholas Pike causes Barry and company great stress, so much so that Barry decides he needs to leave town for awhile. Unfortunately Pike has plans to get his revenge on the Flash and attacks him with a heat seeking missile. As the Flash outruns the missile, it explodes, and that, combined with Barry’s speed sends him hurtling ten years into the future.

Barry, sans his powers after his trip through time, finds a Central City that has been taken over by Pike and rules through fear. He is easily captured and tortured by Pike, which inadvertently shows Barry that his powers could be reactivated again. He escapes and Tina assists him in activating his powers and returning him to his time period where he subdues Pike and his new gang easily, ensuring the future he saw never happens.

“Fast Forward” Flash Points:

It was so cool to see that even in a hopeless future, The Flash has become beloved by the people that they create a mini Flash Museum to the best extent.

Tom was also surprised to see some real Flash much from the 80’s show up in the hands of Bellows & Murphy.

Deadly Nightshade:

When a new and deadlier Nightshade emerges, executing criminals, the Flash seeks the help of the original Nightshade. However, the Flash faces off not just one enemy, but a second one in the guise of Rebecca Frost, a psychologist focusing on the sanity of masked vigilantes like the Flash and Nightshade.

Together, Barry and the original Nightshade , Desmond Powell, manage to discover the identity of the new unforgiving vigilante and attempt to bring him down before he executes Joe Klein live on his show. The deadly nightshade escapes and dons his super powered exoskeleton but Desmond manages to use his non deadly tranq gun to give Barry a fighting chance in taking down the mad villain.

“Deadly Nightshade” Flash Points:

An obvious shoutout was Gorilla Grodd. This was a tough idea to pass on the modern show (which they pulled off brilliantly). It would probably be terrible in this era, so we were happy just to have his name used in reference to an old mob gun-runner.

We have 2 Star Trek connections in this episode. Eagle eyed viewers would have notice both Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) and Seven of Nine (Teri Ryan)!

A nice call out to Julius Schwartz, the well known DC writer is mentioned as being a police captain this episode. We didn’t see the man, but they did reference Captain Cooper who we haven’t seen since the show began.

And finally, our one off bad guy Deadly Nightshade is played by Richard Burgi who was originally up for the role of Barry Allen.

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