In this weeks Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom defend their choice to have pineapple on hotdogs as they discuss episodes 13 & 14, “The Trial of Phineas Bogg” and “Sneak Attack.”

The Trial of Phineas Bogg:

Bogg and Jeffrey land in an undisclosed time and place quite unexpectedly, neither of them having activated the Omni that now seems to be completely dead. After Bogg takes in the surroundings, he realizes that they are back at his Alma mater, the Voyager school. Bogg’s former classmate Susan appears and explains that Bogg is to be put on trial by another former classmate, Drake, who has been prosecuting Voyagers who are not adhering to the Voyager code.

The trial begins with accusations of Bogg’s rule breaking and negligence, all of which are backed up by the Omni as it displays its record of the adventures Bogg and Jeffrey have partaken in. While the missions have always ended successfully, Drake twists what had happened so that it appears worse. Susan attempts a defense but Drake’s interpretations shut her down as a recess is called.

While Jeffrey laments that if they lose the trial and are separated, he will have bad dreams about Bogg, just like he has about his parents but Bogg informs him that he won’t have any dreams about him because the Voyager code won’t allow him to keep his memories of their adventures.

When court resumes, Jeffrey is escorted out of the room so that the head judge Garth can show Bogg new evidence that indicates Jeffrey is supposed to do a large number of great things in the future that he was ripped away from. Bogg tries to make a deal to return Jeffrey to his own time before his parents were killed, but Drake argues against until

Susan, working on a tip from Bogg that Drake used to always cheat in school and kept a diary of his deeds, arrives with said diary and proves that Drake has been lying the whole time and tampering with the Omni memory recorder in order to convict innocent Voyagers. A struggle ensues and Drake tries to Omni out but Bogg and Jeffrey latch on, voyaging with him to…

1836, Mexico, where Sam Houston has been captured and is in danger of being killed. Bogg struggles with Drake for the Omni but when dynamite lands close to a tied up Houston, he rushes to save him, leaving Drake free to grab the Omni and escape.

Susan shows up, having located Bogg and Jeffrey with her tracking device and returns with them to the Voyager school where Garth informs them the charges have been dropped and that Jeffrey’s great deeds were supposed to be done with him as a Voyager himself. While Garth grabs a new guidebook for them to use, Bogg and Jeffrey are so excited in their celebration that before they even realize they’re going to receive one, they Omni out in search of their next green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Stephen Liska played Drake (pronounced Lishka via IMDb). He also played a Klingon, named Torg, in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock and an ITC Tech in the movie “Timeline”. He also played Detective Joe Lacerra in “The Young and The Restless” for 10 episodes, and played a detective again in Lethal Weapon 4. His last listed role was in 2009’s “Hotel For Dogs”.
Jenny Neuman played Susan. She was in “Mistress of the Apes”, where her character goes to Africa to find a missing husband and falls in love with a Near Man. She was also in “Hell Night” where teenagers are in a mansion where a family was murdered years ago and the monster/killer is still there. She also appeared in “V” tv series.

Garth was played by Harry Townes. He had some movie role but a huge TV character actor from 50’s -80’s.

Will Gill Jr. played Kane. We saw him as a security guard in The Flash ‘90 episode Sins of the Father.

Bill McLaughlin played Sam Houston. He has already appeared in Voyagers, playing Meriwether Lewis in Old Hickory and the Pirate. As mentioned then, he was the coroner in the QL episode A Portrait For Troian, and was also in “Werewolf” the TV series. He also appeared in a movie called “Silk” with the tagline “She Bangs ‘Em, Breaks ‘Em and Books ‘Em.”

Sneak Attack:

Bogg and Jeffrey land in the Philippines, 1944, and quickly discover that the war is being lost due to General MacArthur having been killed three years earlier in an attack on Pearl Harbor. Armed with that information, the duo travels to…

December 6th, 1941, one day before the attack, and end up having a hard time finding someone to listen to their story. After mentioning McArthur’s name, an MP officer takes them in but the officer in charge, Jackie Knox, a woman trying to compete in a man’s army, orders them to be released. She follows Bogg and Jeffrey as they try to find out were MacArthur is on the base, and eventually invites herself along as they walk around the area. When the two attempt to sneak into a secure area, Jackie finally comes clean and reveals who she is, placing them under arrest and taking the Omni. As she fiddles with the controls, Bogg and Jeffrey leap onto her as they Omni out to..

1860, Utah, where a young Buffalo Bill Cody has just been deprived of his horse by some outlaws preventing the fledgling Pony Express from continuing it’s path through the canyon. As Bogg tries to convince Jackie that they have actually traveled in time, they get Bill to a doctor. Unable to finish his ride, due to an injury at the hands of the outlaws, the new time traveling trio volunteers.

As Bogg and Jackie spend the night talking, continuing to connect over the various hardships in both of their lives, Jeffrey volunteers to make the ride alone the next morning due to his size and build, as well as being an orphan, something Bill mentioned makes a good Pony Express rider, due to the fact that if a orphan is killed in the line of duty, no one is there to miss them.

Jeffrey fails in his ride as the outlaws surround him, but Bogg and Jackie have followed him. Having no escape, the three gather close together and voyage back to…

Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, a half hour before the attack begins. Jackie is still skeptical but after seeing blips on a radar screen she tries to warn the base but the only private on duty refused to believe her. The attack begins and chaos ensues with Jackie’s father becoming trapped. Bogg helps him while Jackie manages to save MacArthur’s life, impressing both him and her father.

The next morning as Jackie and Bogg say their goodbyes, Jeffrey arrives with the news that MacArthur wants Jackie to go along with him to the Philippines as an intelligence operative. She suggests Bogg and Jeffrey take a motorcycle with them as they Omni out back to…

Utah 1860, where they manage to draw the outlaws out by trying to get through the pass via the motorcycle, but they run out of gas and leap off the bike just as it drops off a cliff, leaving Bogg and Jeffrey surrounded by the outlaws. Luckily, Bill Cody had rounded up a posse and shows up just in the nick of time, capturing the outlaws, and freeing up the pass. The trip through is finished with Bill delivering the medicine to the sick girl, and obtains the money needed to get the Pony Express going on a larger scale. Jeffrey grabs the Omni and sets it to return to Pearl Harbor for New Year’s Eve to see Jackie and to celebrate together their green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

This was originally the last episode (via Ginger). Jon-Erik Hexum worked to promote it with posters of himself that he paid for, and sent them to junior and senior high schools. TV and radio stations in 28 cities wanted him for interviews. There was a massive letter writing campaign by The Meeno Peluce Fan Club, lead by Debbie Sheldon, Margo Coburn and Tracy Graham, and spearheaded by Shelagh Collins. The show was then picked up for another 7 episodes.

The Pony Express delivery was halted in 1860 due to the Paiute War against settlers moving West.

Cody almost certainly worked as a messenger for the owners of The Pony Express. There is no record of him ever carrying the mail, and evidence suggests he was probably in school in Kansas during the company’s brief history.

William Hepburn Russell was one of three founders of The Pony Express.

-California newspaper help wanted ad, 1860

Bill Cody was played by Ike Eisenmann. He was in “Escape from Witch Mountain” and “Return to Witch Mountain”, and played Scotty’s young ensign in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. He filmed a short called “The Blair Witch Mountain Project” and was a sheriff in “Race To Witch Mountain” which starred The Rock.

Jackie was played by Brianne Leary, from Tucson Arizona. She is the only person to appear on “Match Game” as a contestant and a celebrity panelist. She was a regular on the series “Black Sheep Squadron” and appeared in Season 2 of “Chips”.

David Graf played the MP Officer. He played Tackleberry in every Police Academy movie. We’ve seen a couple more time on The Rewatch, playing Wally in the L&C episode Individual Responsibility (the Red Kryptonite episode) and as Sheriff Nolan in the QL episode Southern Comforts.

There was a William Franklin Knox who was in the army at one point. He later became a newspaper reporter and editor, then secretary of the Navy under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was in Washington DC at time of the attack on Pearl Harbor and informed FDR of it.

Private Buck was played by Nicholas Shaffer. He was a technician in the L&C episode Stop the Presses and Roger in the QL episode Future Boy. Buck is at the radio, and a poster on the wall says Make Nursing Your War Job. But we weren’t at war yet! (Via Ginger)

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “Voyagers of the Titanic” and “Pursuit”.


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