The Flash 90 is experimenting with some interesting villains in episodes 5 and 6. It’s Day of the Dead in Central City and Barry is pupated with VR in “Double Vision”, then it’s the arch nemesis of Henry Allen in “Sins of the Father.”

Double Vision:

Someone is using religion and superstition to terrorize the people of Central City’s Spanish Hill during the annual Day of the Dead festival. Unbeknownst to the police, these strange happenings are the work of drug lord Reuben Calderon, who is intent on kidnapping Paloma, the daughter of a man named Aguilar whose testimony will put him in prison. Whilst investigating these events, Barry Allen begins to experience unsettling blackouts. Tina McGee discovers that an implant has been buried in Barry’s brain and, as a result, the Flash has become the remote-controlled puppet of Marcos Trachmann, Calderon’s cybernetically-enhanced henchman!

Using the Flash from afar, Trachmann further terrorizes the Spanish community which ends up with a local shaman outing Paloma in an attempt to protect her. Barry secrets her away at Star Labs but Trachmann uses his control over Barry to return there and grab the girl while knocking out Tina. Trachmann uses his device to control Paloma and draw out Aguilar but the Flash stops her before she can shoot her own father. Trachmann switches gears and sets his device back on the Flash who grabs Aguilar and presents him to Calderon and Trachmann. Luckily, Tina has finally overridden the devices broadcast signal, enabling The Flash to face off Trachmann, eventually giving him some electroshock therapy while Aguilar takes down Calderon in a good old fashioned fist fight.

“Double Vision” Flash Points:

Did you ever play The Flash Sega Game for Master System? You may not even know it exists, since it was only released in Europe 2 years after the show was cancelled. And it has an unlikely connection to this episode for some reason. Check out the games music and some of the game play.

Sins of the Father:

After escaping from a prison chain gang, brutal bank robber Johnny Ray Hix sets his sights on retrieving the long-hidden loot from his last great bank heist and plots revenge on the cop who put him away: Henry Allen. Barry must track down this elusive killer whilst simultaneously striving to protect his overly proud father, who may ultimately prove to be a danger to himself.

Henry decides to hit the streets along with his former partner, kicking butt and taking names while Barry prefers his usual investigative method. The Flash runs around town attempting to find information about Hix, and The two Allens butt heads over their methods until eventually they have a heart to heart and reconcile their differences. They discover that Henry’s old partner, just recently murdered by Hix, had actually discovered where the missing money was stashed. Together the Allens, with an assist by the Flash, chase down and eventually take down Hix and his gang once and for all.

“Sins of the Father” Flash Points:

It’s very unexpected to see Henry Allen back for his own story. Of course, John Wesley Shipp played a more traditional version of the character as a doctor in the current series, but here he’s a retired cop with a score to settle and a son to connect with. Lot’s of fun.

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