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Happy Superhero Friday, Arrow Squad! It is our pleasure to bring you the second, and final, installment of Live from DragonCon! In this episode of Arrow Squad, we managed to pry Podcast Overlord from his mob of adoring fans, sneak him to an undisclosed location, and sit him behind the microphone for just long enough to talk Arrow. Other featured voices in this podcast episode are Jess (Harley Quinn) and Martin (The Flash), whose voices you will recognize, undoubtedly, from Part 1.

Many, many wonderful things went down at DragonCon! Kevin, the Podcast Overlord, wins the prize for most panels attended amongst the rest of us. But it yielded fruitful results! Kevin provided us with the audio to the Arrow fan panel he was a panelist for on Monday of the Con. With him on the panel are Angela Pritchett, Kevin Eldridge, Ryan Guthrie, and Nathan Laws. This will be released as a podcast in our feed, so watch for it!

Now with the Podcast Overlord in tow, we get back to the nitty-gritty of the Arrow news that came out in the various panels and our general DragonCon experience, including some favorite moments, stories from the panels, and how much I can’t wait to get some actual sleep.

arrowpanel-stephenamell Over the course of the weekend, Stephen Amell, the beautiful creature to the right, appeared in three panels: Live with Stephen Amell and two Arrow cast panels. This guy, I tell you, this guy knows how to be a celebrity. He’s articulate, he knows his craft, and he’s friendly. Much of this can undoubtedly be attributed to his personality, but there’s a degree of composure that we don’t see often amongst these panelists. In all of the panels I attended, there were only 2 individuals whom I thought lacked the appropriate professional nature of a panelist (I’m not naming them), but that alone is a totally subjective observation. For one of the two, this individual just seemed to have an unpleasant demeanor… rarely smiled and had sort of an attitude that might be fine as a person, but on a panel it left much to be desired. The second individual was a minor character on a TV series and sort of dominated the discussion with an unnecessary crass-ness that detracted from the core of the points they were trying to make.

With Stephen, neither of these were true. Sure, he dropped a couple swear words here and there, but they didn’t seem out of place and only occurred when he got animated. It was just a pleasure to see the actor in person, feel the atmosphere of the fandom around the audience, and also to gauge the chemistry amongst the actors on the panel.

walkoffame-johnwesleyshippWe spent some time in the “Walk of Fame”, which is the large room where all the presenters (aka celebs) gather to sign autographs and interact with fans (in a controlled environment). The photo you see here with Martin, Brian and John Wesley Shipp was taken at Shipp’s station. The two of them had a chance to chat with the actor and pick his brain about some of Martin’s burning questions! Undoubtedly a treat for them both! I think you’ll hear some stories in this episode of the podcast.

walkoffame-lauravandervoortThis next photo, with Laura Vandervoort, was less of a spontaneous thing, as the conversation with Shipp was, but enjoyable nonetheless! DC fans will recognize her as Kara from Smallville, but she has many sci-fi credits to her name.

arrowsquad-arrowessAs we were leaving the Walk of Fame, right after Brian and Martin had a chance to speak to Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow from The Flash), we ran into Danielle Taylor, a.k.a. The Arrowess! Back in episode 56 of this podcast, Kevin had a chance to interview Danielle about the dress she made. Let me tell you, the pictures do not do it justice! We snapped a photo with Danielle to mark this very special occasion and hope that you all will welcome her with open arms into our Arrow Squad family!

And, as you might be well aware, DragonCon is known for its stellar cosplay! A perfect location for Martin, a.k.a. The Flash, to fanboy over a truely awesome costume. He talked the portrayer of Reverse Flash into doing the classic clash pose! And methinks it turned out quite well. flashandreverseflash

These are a mere fraction of the photos The Shadow took and we hope to make them all available to you very soon. For now, if you want to see more you’ll have to keep an eye on our Facebook page (links on the page of this blog post), because more seem to be posted everyday! Including a certain picture of me obtaining a certain item that will bring me much joy in the days and years to come.

We’ll be back soon with another pre-season 4 installment of Arrow Squad! Share your experiences at DragonCon by visiting our feedback page and recording a voicemail, uploading an audio file, or typing up an email! We’d love to see your pictures or hear your stories, so share away!

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