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Do we have a treat for you, Arrow Squad! Well, the tastiness of the treat will be up to your own determination, and just how easily your funny bone can be tickled. Truth be told, this episode of Arrow Squad, live and unscripted from Dragon Con, is a bunch of friends sitting down after a long day, flipping on the mic, and talking about our experience. By the time we finally turned on the mic we’d attended the “Stephen Amell Live” panel (where–not to brag–we were the first to see the season 4 trailer) and a Flash panel. Everyone but me (Miss Ice) attended that evening’s Arrow panel, too. We had a lot to react to!

For those of you who have never been to Dragon Con, or to any con, I believe we spend more time in the next episode talking about the con experience. This episode is a lot about breaking down the Arrow season 4 trailer, sharing some laughs, and me freaking out at the end because I’m late to meet a friend to get back to our hotel! Or maybe Brian cut that out, since, you know, he’s always slicing out my tangents. Heh heh. What I wish he would have done was cut out all of his horrible Felicity theories!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, on the off chance you live under a rock or have been asleep all weekend, check it out!

Brian and I hand the mic over to Jess (Harley Quinn) and Martin (The Flash) for a bit while I re-watch the trailer to remember a couple scenes they mention. Since they’d seen it an additional time, I needed to go back and remind myself of the grease-paint facemask Oliver scenes.grease-facemask The two scenes we discuss are at the 1:02 and 1:14 marks; the first he’s on the roof talking to someone and the second he’s, presumably, falling off that roof into phone wires where he comes face to face with Amanda Waller.

After listening to what we have to say, what is your interpretation of these scenes? At this point, everything is speculation of course. We just had fun bouncing off possibilities.

We knew leaving the squad at the end of season 3 there would be some tension between Diggle and Oliver. They shook hands, but Oliver left a pretty deep wound in their friendship and it’ll take time to heal. For now, all we have is the trailer and the knowledge that Oliver and Diggle have a true friendship, and thus the hope that we are working our way back to a solid crime-fighting partnership. But take a look at this screencapture. proxemicsI added an indicator for the amount of space between Diggle and Oliver for the sake of a proxemics study. The amount of space between them is almost poetic. Body spacing can be considered meaningful as an unintentional reaction to sensory fluctuations or shifts, in other words, the space between them might be more indicative of the tension between the men than as some sort of tactical advantage.

But we shall see!

We also saw some new faces in the trailer! In the next picture, the one featuring Danforth’s campaign, the woman is Jeri Ryan, known for her illustrious role on Star Trek. She will be portraying Jessica Danforth. We also see the man on the left a couple times in the trailer. That is Alexander Calvert and he will be portraying Lonnie Machin (Anarky). danforth And in the final picture here we have Neal McDonough as Damien Dahrk who, I believe, has been brought on as a season regular and is at least credited with 22 episodes in this season alone. McDonough has a resume longer than… Brian’s headphones, chances are you’ve seen him in something! damien

What was your reaction to the trailer? What did you notice? As you probably know, we could spend several days dissecting every scene we saw within, but as there are only so many hours in the day, we are not boring you with those discussions.

Did you attend Dragon Con? We’d love to get your reaction to the panels, to the con, or to the trailer! Please visit our feedback page where you can record a voicemail, type up an email, or upload an audio file. We’ll be recording a couple podcasts before the next season of Arrow begins, so you have time to chime in early on the conversation, abuse Brian for his Felicity theories, and get excited for what’s coming up! We will be posting pictures to our Facebook page as we start unloading our cameras, so be sure you’re following us on social media! (Links for social media and our personal Twitter accounts are on the web page of this blog post.)

Hope to hear from you soon! Tune back later this week for PART 2, where the Podcast Overlord graces us with his presence.

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