Welcome back Arrow Squad! Two whole weeks have passed since Oliver and Felicity drove off into the sunset together, but the Arrow Squad never sleeps (oh that’s true… we NEVER sleep – interjection from The Shadow). In this special, hiatus edition of Arrow Squad, Podcast Overlord sits down for a chat with Danielle Taylor, “The Arrowess” herself. While Miss Ice is holed up with the sickness and The Shadow does mysterious work at a mysterious conference with mysterious allies, Podcast Overlord dives into the story of the Facebook phenom Arrow dress Danielle made for her prom.

Back in April, Danielle posted a collage of the dress she made for prom in defiance of the theme that had been chosen. In true fan, and lovable nerdy, fashion, she drew inspiration from everyone’s favorite brooding, masked hero. Check out her Facebook page, and the original post directed to Stephen Amell.

Good news for DragonCon attendees! Danielle will be in Atlanta this year sporting her prom dress. Keep your eyes peeled!

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