In this weeks Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom save Christmas for Queen and Country as they discuss episodes 11 & 12, “Merry Christmas, Bogg” and “Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace.”

Merry Christmas, Bogg:

Bogg and Jeffrey land in New Jersey 1776 and quickly discover that the British are in control due to George Washington having joined the royal Navy rather than standing with the American rebels. After Jeffrey manages to squeeze out of the stockades, he activated the Omni so he and Bogg can escape to…

Virginia 1746, where they see young George preparing to head off to join the Navy, despite his mother’s misgivings about letting her son go away. Jeffrey talks to George about how life away from family really is while Bogg speaks with his mother, portraying life in the Navy as being one of wine, women, sickness and in general the life of the uncouth and uncivilized. Quickly, George and his mother realize that neither wants him to go and he remains home, giving the Voyagers a green light. Jealous of George’s hug from his mother, he gets Bogg to activate the Omni which takes them to…

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 1892 at Christmas time, where they witness a man named Sam Gompers trying to convince a group of workers to not go back to work and stand strong with the union he is trying to create. A man named Stephen Jones appears bringing money to Gompers and the men so that they can continue to stay in strike but they are attacked by a group of strikebreakers who steal the money, leaving the workers threatening to go back to work.

Jeffrey discovers that Stephen is his great grandfather and due to Bogg helping the union out in the attack, he invited the duo to dinner with him and his wife, Amy. All around the Jones’ house are memories of Jeffrey’s childhood, from the rocker he was rocked to sleep in as a baby, to the angel on the tree that his great grandmother just finished sewing, all of which makes Jeffrey long even more for his late parents.

Bogg and Jeffrey decide to go and get the money that was stolen from Stephen and Sam, facing off a guard dog, and eventually finding the money. The strike breakers however, soon discover them and with the dog they order them to give them the money. Bogg throws the beef jerky that he always has at the men, and the dog jumps on them while Bogg and Jeffrey Omni out back to…

1776 where they discover Washington back on the right side. The only problem is one of Washington’s men has turned traitor and given Washington’s plan to the British Colonel in an effort to be reunited with his lady love. Bogg manages to win the plans back with a few rounds of Schnibbitz and our heroes return to…

Pittsburg, 1982, where they return the money that was stolen so that the union can succeed and ensure workers rights in the future. While Jeffrey sings Christmas Carols with Amy, Stephen approaches Bogg and explains that he and Amy would like to give Jeffrey a proper home, with Bogg deciding to leave, knowing how Jeffrey misses his family. Jeffrey rushes out when he discovers Bogg’s absence and tells him that Bogg is the only family he wants as the two walk into the green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

George Washington was played by Peter Donat. He also played William Mulder in The X-files and appeared in “Murder, She Wrote” and “Time Trax”. He died in September 2018.

George almost did join the Navy due to his older brother’s letters and persuading, but his mother was torn. She got advice from her brother that it wouldn’t be such a great life and refused to let him go.

Sam Gompers was played by Joe Dorsey. He was the caretaker in Pet Sematary 2, was in “War Games” and “Real Genius” and gave an incredible performance in “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything”.

Colonel Rall was played by Don Knight who was in 1982’s “Swamp Thing”.

Amy was played by Anne Lockhart, daughter of June Lockhart. She has had a notable career of her own, being a stage actress. She has tons of guest appearance in 80’s TV shows, and is known for her voice acting work.

Stephen was played by John O’Connell. He has a ton of acting credits in the 80’s up through ‘94, then nothing until 2014 where he returned with a mystery short, then a video game role in “Life Is Strange 2” and “The Remarkable Life of John Weld”.

Ben was played by Terrence Evans. We saw him as Stick in the QL episode Another Mother.

Sarah was played by Sarah Lilly who recently starred in a fan film called “Gremlins: Recall”. She was in Gremlins 2 as a reporter. She’s had lots of roles and is still a working actor.

Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace:

Bogg and Jeffrey land in Russia, 1917, and discover that the British are there when they aren’t supposed to be due to Princess Victoria having married a Duke from Russia years earlier. They Omni out to the year 1887 in England but are surprised to see a stagecoach barreling down the road with a group of Native Americans chasing them down. In time it’s revealed that it was all a staged production being put on by scout/showman Buffalo Bill Cody and sharpshooter Annie Oakley who had been taking their Wild West show on tour around Europe.

Duke Michael shows up, much to the princess Victoria’s chagrin, and tries to impress by exposing Buffalo Bill’s show as a fraud and challenges Annie to a shooting duel to which she accepts. Both she and Bill are approached separately by the Duke’s assistant, Hegson, and asked to throw the match so that the Duke will appear manly and skilled. When Annie refuses, they end up kidnapping her, with Bogg being knocked out in the ensuing fight. Jeffrey manages to reach Bogg and just before a keg of gunpowder explodes, they voyage off to…

1913 Africa, where a tribal chief is dying and a physician is being blamed and threatened with death himself if he does not save the chief. Despite the doctor’s goodwill, the witch doctor is untrusting of white men due to a group of them that have been capturing members of the African tribes to work as slaves. Unfortunately further still, Doctor Schweitzer is out of the medicine the chief needs and his assistant Joseph, who went to get more, is nowhere to be found.

Bogg manages to slip away unnoticed and finds Joseph who was captured by the slave traders. Bogg’s attempt to rescue Joseph gets him captured himself, leaving the tribesmen who were sent to find Bogg to rescue them both and bring them all back to the tribe, where the medicine cures the chief and a green light cures the red light allowing Bogg and Jeffrey to voyage back to…

1887, where Bogg and Bill head off to rescue the kidnapped Annie Oakley, and Jeffrey heads off to try and stall the shooting match with the Duke. Unable to delay the match, Jeffrey persuades the Queen to make the Duke shoot first rather than just declaring a forfeit. The Duke does well at first but eventually starts missing but without Annie showing up, the Queen begins to declare him the winner. Luckily, Bogg and Bill had managed to take down the guards and send Annie off to the castle for the competition, where she suddenly rides in and shoots every target perfectly, cementing her victory.

The kidnapping is revealed with Hegson denying it and the Duke himself trying to pass the blame, but the Queen will have nothing of it and calls off the betrothal and alliance, turning the red once again to green.

Voyagers Guidebook:

The Duke’s assistant’s name is Hegson, played by John C. McLaughlin.

Albert Schweitzer was played by Christopher Cary. He was in the 1970’s “Captain America 2” movie.

Robert Donner played Buffalo Bill. He also played Exidor and Xidon in “Mork and Mindy”. He is one of Hollywood’s most enthusiastic golfers, carrying a 7 handicap.

The shooting match in this episode was true. Annie missed only three shots, whereas the Duke missed fourteen.

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “The Trial of Phineas Bogg” and “Sneak Attack”.


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