In this weeks Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom feast with their merry men as they discuss episodes 9 & 10, “The Travels of Marco… and Friends” and “An Arrow Pointing East.”

The Travels of Marco… and Friends:

Bogg and Jeffrey land in 1930’s New York City and quickly save the life of Albert Einstein and his wife, earning them a green light. As Jeffrey and Bogg argue about accepting Einstein’s dinner invite, an old man rushes up to them, calling then Voyagers. The man turns out to be legendary Voyager, Isaac Wolfstein, who is now retired but wishing to be sent to a better location that this one that he had picked before knowing about the stock market crash that would happen.

Despite Jeffrey and Isaac’s distaste for each other, Bogg decides to help Isaac out but the Omni, stuck once again in the automatic mode, drops in…

France, 1879, where they end up helping future American Red Cross founder Clara Barton to rescue injured soldiers, as well as performing CPR on Clara herself when she is hurt, inspiring her to create the American chapter. Having lit up a green light, Bogg Drops off Isaac in the South Pacific in 1946 on a deserted island and our time traveling twosome head off on their journey to…

China, 1275, where they quickly offend Kublai Khan, but manage to extract vital information from him about why the Omni is blinking red: Marco Polo has gone missing on his journey to China. Activating the Omni discreetly, Bogg and Jeffrey travel to…

The Persian Gulf, 1272, where they happen upon a fight going on between Marco Polo’s father and the chief of the Tartars, a man named Oxen. Bogg intervenes, but eventually Oxen declares the fight as a good fight, and all are invited to eat and drink together, a celebration interrupted by a thick fog that heralds the arrival of the Karaunas, an attacking tribe. Jeffrey and the Polos are taken captive while Bogg is knocked out and left behind.

Upon awakening, Bogg enlists Wolfstein to help him track down Jeffrey, and discover that they are to sold as slaves. Bogg’s rescue attempt is foiled by a mistake on Wolfstein’s part and all are jailed again. As Jeffrey is forced upon the auction block, Wolfstein causes a distraction allowing Bogg and the Polos to fight and obtain their freedom. Jeffrey ends up having a change of heart because of Wolfstein’s actions and turns their escape around to make sure they save him as well. With the Polos safe and on their way, along with their cargo requested by Kublai Khan, Bogg and Jeffrey return Wolfstein back to New York City to live out his life as they earn another green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Isaac was played by Michael Fox. He also had a recurring role on “Bold and the Beautiful” throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Kubla Kahn was played by Keye Luke. You may recognise him from the Gremlins movies as the Grandfather (Mr. Wing) who lays out the rules of keeping a Mogwai.

The head jailer and Karauna Chief is played by Mako. He was in TMNT (the movie) as the voice of Splinter. He also did voice work in Avatar The Last Airbender and Samurai Jack. He played the wizard in Conan the Barbarian.

Michael Yama was also in this episode. We saw him in the L&C episode Chi Of Steel, playing the father and dojo owner.

Malfeo Polo was played by Paul Comi. He also played Dr. Chaplin in Howard the Duck. He was also credited as 2nd policeman in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

This episodes director, Paul Lynch, also directed the movie Prom Night, as well as Sliders season 4 episode Net Worth and season 5 episodes Requiem and Please Press One.

An Arrow Pointing East:

Bogg and Jeffrey land in a forest and promptly find themselves facing not just a red light but a red bow shooting arrows at them, wielded by what looks like an old man. After narrowly escaping, Bogg faces off against a man named John, with the giant sized man knocking Bogg into a stream, then thanking him for a good fight. They son discover the man is Little John and his companion is Friar Tuck, two men who fought with Robin Hood against the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, but we’re now fleeing the country after Robin disappeared. Hearing of the Voyagers’ trouble with the man in the woods earlier, they realize that the man was a wounded Robin Hood., As Jeffrey begins working on cleaning and treating Robin’s wound.

The group comes up with a plan to show everyone Robin is back and fighting, with Bogg dressing up as Robin, hoping the ruse will call back Robin’s men to help them rescue Maid Marian from marrying the Sheriff. The plan goes awry however and Bogg and jeffrey need to Omni out to…

New York, 1927, where Charles Lindbergh is preparing to make the first solo Transatlantic flight but the bad weather and storms cause his flight to be delayed. With his backers pulling out, the airman concedes and decides to call it a night, heading into town with his crew and our heroes. Jeffrey manages to convince Lindbergh to check one last time with his weatherman and is stunned to receive news the storms are lifting. There’s still another hurdle to turn the red to green however as the fuel order was postponed for delivery until the next day. Bogg ends up fending off a guard dog in order to get the fuel and the flight proceeds as planned, finally earning them a greenight as Lindbergh takes off successfully and our duo returns to…

England, where they regroup with Robin and stage another ruse, with Bogg as a disguised Robin, leaving the real Robin to surprise the Sheriff and Prince, stealing Marion away from them. The heroes are soon surrounded but as it looks like certain death for the group, Robin’s long return and save the day, pressuring the Prince into letting them.all go, and letting Bogg and Jeffrey to head back to…

1927, Paria, to witness Lindbergh landing, and unable to go congratulate him, lest they have to explain how they beat him across the ocean, they decide to work in some.of the French sights, under the glow of their green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Charles Lindbergh was played by TNG’s Jonathan Frakes. However, we’ve seen him as Tim Lake on the L&C episode Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape. He’s also well known as a director and voice actor. He’s currently voicing Starlord’s father, J’Son, in the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon series.

Bixby was played by Michael Currie. He played businessman #1 in Airplane 2.

Denny Miller played Little John. He often guest starred in the TV Series Werewolf.

Doc Kimball was played by Bryan O’Byrne, who played the organist in Spaceballs. He mostly worked in the 60’s – 80’s, with some roles in the 90’s.

Reporter #1 was George Caldwell. He was in the amazingly bad but good “Rat Pfink and Boo Boo. A film from the 60’s that was made with little more than an idea, but certainly no script.

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “Merry Christmas, Bogg” and “Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace”.


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