In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom leap like they’ve never leaped before as they discuss season 5 episodes 7 “Deliver Us From Evil.”

Deliver Us From Evil:

In a surprise twist, Sam leaps into Jimmy Lamotta once again only this time things seem to be going very wrong. While originally Jimmy’s brother Frank and his wife Connie were supposed to live happily ever after, Al reports that somehow things are changing and on the downhill slope with them arguing more and more, on their way to getting divorced, their son Cory disappearing off the radar, and Jimmy getting institutionalized.

Sam discovers that while Connie has been helping Jimmy become more independent by helping him learn to read better and comprehend news articles and books, she has been neglecting Frank and her expected duties as his wife, leading him to begin seeking companionship in the arms of his secretary Shirley.

Sam pleads with Connie to pay more attention to Frank and in the middle of their discussion, the two accidentally touch and Sam suddenly sees a different women in Connie’s place, while the woman sees Sam instead of Jimmy. She explains her name is Alia, that she travels in time, and has a hologram helper named Zoey, while Sam explains his own story. The two begun to share a moment but Al reports that Frank is in the arms of Shirley at that very moment.

Sam rushes off to try and stop Frank but to no avail and he returns home, despondent, confiding in Alia. She sympathizes and begins to embrace Sam and the two begin kissing. Sam tries to get dressed quickly when Frank arrives home but Alia remains still, choosing instead to scratch herself and scream, tricking Frank that Jimmy just tried to rape her.

Frank attacks Jimmy and blocks him in the room while he leaves to get Jimmy’s doctor, intending to have him put back in the institution. Alia returns to the room with a gun, acting on Zoey’s command to kill Sam so she can leap. Al reasons that Alia is Sam’s evil counterpart while Sam tries to convince her that she can’t kill him without killing herself. She finally refuses to shoot and both Alia and Zoey become warped and disappear while Sam suddenly finds himself standing in the Lamotta kitchen. Al reports that somehow they have lost two days and expresses gladness that Alia is gone while Sam says that he believes that she isn’t gone and finally leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Zoey is played by Carolyn Seymour. We’ve seen her previously in A Portrait For Troian as the mysterious maid.

Alia is played by Renee Coleman, she is now a dream tender.

Kristen Cloke plays Shirley. She appeared in the pilot for “Men Of A Certain Age”, another show to star Scott Bakula. You may also recognise her from the movie Final Destination.

Although Al says otherwise, Sam has leapt into a person more than once: ALee Harvey Oswald.

Mikeavelli on Reddit has an interesting theory. The secret QL information given out in Star Light, Star Bright by Sam while under the influence of truth serum has lead to the creation of Lothos and the “Evil Leaper” program.

Our unsung hero is of course Brad Silverman, reprising his role as Jimmy.

Whats Next?

Next week, we’ll be discussing the Trilogy of episodes “One Little Heart”, “For Your Love” & “The Last Door”


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