In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom leap all over this 2 part conspiracy as they discuss the season 5 premier, “Lee Harvey Oswald” (Leaping on a String & Leap to Judgement).

Lee Harvey Oswald:

Sam finds himself making multiple leaps throughout the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, the person, according to some theories, worked alone to shoot President John F Kennedy in the 1960’s. The leaps poses a major problem in that Oswald’s thoughts and Memories seem to be invading Sam’s, at times taking over. Al believes Sam’s mission is to use these mini leaps to gain information to determine once and for all if there was a conspiracy to kill the president or if Oswald was indeed working alone.

With each mini leap, Sam gets closer and closer to the assassination date and little by little loses more of his personality over to Oswald until the only way Al can bring Sam’s mind back is to mention that Sam’s father is alive at that particular time in the past. Sam wakes up from the trance but unfortunately, before stopping Oswald from pulling the trigger, leaps into a secret service agent near the president. He is unable to save the life of the president but does manage to save the first lady, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, who in the original history, had been killed along with her husband, Al reports, as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Oswald was played by Willie Garson. He’s been in heaps of shows and we’ve seen him in Quantum Leap before as Seymour in the episode Play It Again, Seymour. He also played Oswald in the movie Ruby (Jack Ruby).

The Sergeant was played by Regi Santoni. He’s also had plenty of roles, but he’s probably best remembered as Poppie in Seinfeld. He also appeared in the Late Shift.

Rodney Kageyama played Joda. He was later in Tequila and Bonetti as Mr Kojimoto.

Matthew Charles Nelson played Sgt Bellisario. This character was actually meant to be show creator, Don Bellisario, who met Oswald during his time as a Marine.

In “The Leap Back” (The 4th season premiere) the date at Project Quantum Leap is September 18, 1999, as mentioned by Al. However, Lee Harvey Oswald is there February 14-16, 1999, seven months earlier.

Kiss With History:

Of course, this episode is about the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. Taking a different approach to the Oliver Stone, conspiracy bound film, Don Bellisario (who had once met Oswald) decided to present a different take by showing the assassin as a lone gunman.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Leaping of the Shrew” and “Nowhere to Run”.


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