In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom show you why crime does not pay as they discuss season 4 episode 5 & 6, “Permanent Wave” and “Raped”.

Permanent Wave:

Sam leaps into Frank Bianca, THE hairdresser of all hairdressers, and within seconds finds himself leaping to the rescue of a young boy named Kyle as a shooting occurs next door to Frank’s salon. Luckily, Kyle is safe but Al informs Sam that both Kyle and his mother will be found dead within the next day on their way to Frank’s mountain cabin. Sam asks Kyle about what he saw but Kyle tells him that he didn’t see anything except that the shooter was white and kept money in his shoes.

Sam tries to convince Laura to let Kyle talk to the police in the hopes of finding the shooter, but she refuses due to nightmares her son has had ever since his father was shot years ago. After another attack by the shooter, this time in their own home, Sam goes back to the pharmacy where the shooting happened to see if he can find anything that might help them, but only discovers a penny on the floor. Returning home, one of his employees, Chloe, who had stopped by to see them, tells Sam that Laura left with Kyle for Frank’s cabin. Sam calls Lieutenant Ward, the officer in charge of the investigation but discovers he’s already left for the cabin. Together Sam and Chloe head for the cabin as well.

Al zeroes in on Ward and discovers that he wears penny loafers, explaining what Kyle saw and revealing Ward as the killer. He manages to arrive at the cabin and subdue Laura while Kyle escapes. Sam manages to rescue Kyle but Ward appears and is ready to kill them when he himself is shot by Chloe. At first Sam and Kyle think themselves safe but Chloe raises her gun, revealing herself to be behind the entire operation of getting drugs from the pharmacist and selling them to Frank’s customers. As she prepares to shoot, Laura appears and distracts Chloe while Sam hides underwater, grabbing Ward’s gun and manages to shoot Chloe down.

Back at home, Sam, Laura and Kyle take comfort in each other, with Sam promising to teach Kyle how to swim and performing an awkward marriage proposal to Laura which allows him to finally leap.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Kyle is played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Did you know he recently appeared in The Last Jedi as Slowen Lo? Of course, he is known most famously from Third Rock From The Sun.

The Twins are played by Candi and Randi Brough, better known as the Doublemint Twins. They have a long history of playing twins, in roles like bimbo 1 and bimbo 2 or twin 1 and twin 2, all over dramas and sitcoms of the 80’s.

Chloe was played by Lela Ivey, who played Lucy in the QL pilot, a friend to Peg Stratton.

Al mentions the Special Olympics, which are for the intellectually disabled, not physically. Likely he meant the Paralympics, but the date mentioned would be wrong (‘96 not ‘94)

This episodes unsung hero is Robert Jacobs. He is known for a movie called Shag and appeared on Baywatch. He also did a short called “Memories by Joe Frank”.

Al’s Five Wives:

Al’s third wife, Ruthie, charged Al with emotional abuse for singing in his sleep. her father also owned a funeral home.


Sam leaps into Katie McBain, a girl undergoing a medical examination after being raped by the teenage big man on campus, Kevin Wentworth. Kevin denies committing the rape but with the backing of the investigating officer, Officer Shumway, and the prosecuting attorney Nancy Hudson, Sam presses charges.

Sam and the McBain family have an uphill battle due to the fact that Kevin has a very high reputation in town, along with his entire Wentworth family, and few people believe Katie’s story, shunning and harassing them.

The trial begins and Katie’s case against Kevin doesn’t seem to be coming together very well, resulting in Al telling Sam to feint in order to buy them more time. Al and Ziggy work out a way to have the real Katie appear in the imaging chamber so Sam can hear her and repeat her words as she testifies. Despite a moving recollection of the events that led to the rape however, Kevin is found innocent.

As Sam contemplates why he is still there, Kevin shows up and again attacks Katie for putting him through the trial. This time however, Sam can use his strength to fight back and thoroughly beats Kevin up as her family comes out at the sound of the commotion and calls the police as Sam finally leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

The judge was played by Aaron Lustig. He played Paul Shafer in The Late Shift, did various sitcoms and TV shows, even a few movies over the years. Most recently he was in a movie called Blood Type.

The attorney was played by Penny Peyser, who incidentally was also in The Late Shift in a minor role as Susan Binford. Most recently she was in NCIS and The Orville.

The sister, Libby, was played by Amy Ryan. She was in The Office (US Version) as love interest Holly. Very active still, she voices for Robot Chicken and has two movies out this year, with another next year called Late Night. She was previously in Broad Street.

Eric Bruskotter played Teen in Hallway. He played Rube in Major League: Back to the Minors with Scott Bakula.

Officer Shumway was played by Eugene Lee whom we have seen in the Flash ‘90 episode Beat The Clock. He played Dave Buell.

This episodes unsung hero is Cheryl Pollak. She was in the Brad Pitt film “The Dark Side of the Sun”. She also starred in My Best Friend Is a Vampire.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “The Wrong Stuff” and “Dreams” .


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