Episode 11 of The Flash 90 is pretty run-of-the-mill, albeit a fun episode that pits The Flash in a race against time. But this week, the real fun is to be had with The Trickster! Mark Hamill joins the show as one of the most iconic villains of the series. To match this new arrival, Cory and Tom are also joined by special guests Tony and Joe who long time GSMers will know as the former co-hosts of Central City Underground!

Beat the Clock:

Jazz musician Wayne Cotrell is playing his saxophone on death row, waiting as the clock counts down to his midnight execution, the sentence for being convicted of his wife’s murder despite his protests of innocence. A last-minute phone call suggests to Barry Allen and Julio Mendez that Wayne actually is innocent, however, and that the tragic killing of his wife Linda Lake was staged! The Flash retrieves a ruined cassette tape containing evidence that will prove Wayne innocent and enlists Tina’s help in reconstructing it.

Meanwhile we learn that Cotrell’s brother Elliot was actually the mastermind behind the songbird’s death. Having learned that she was planning to leave Elliot’s record label and go off on her own, he planned to hold Linda captive with memory limiting drugs, yet also continue to record and release her albums as lost tracks, thus ensuring himself a steady income. With help from a bodyguard named Whisper, he framed his brother for murder using one of his obsessed fans as the unfortunate stand in for Linda’s corpse.

With the tape reconstructed, and having found new evidence that the body was not Linda’s, the Flash and Julio both attempt to rescue Linda to no avail. She manages to make it back to the club where her memories slowly start to come back and the Flash arrives to get her to the prison where the execution is about to take place, stopping the electrocution with an instant to spare.

“Beat the Clock” Flash Points:

We learn a few things about our main characters in this episode. To start, it’s nice to get a bit more info on Julio. He grew up on the streets, had a rough go of things but never backed down and really made something of his life in spite of it. To put a twist on it all, Barry is the one who actually likes Jazz. We spotted the name of the club being “Take Five” which keen listeners will know as an iconic hit from Dave Brubeck which you can listen to here.

The Trickster:

When private detective Megan Lockhart is abducted by James Jesse, a crazed criminal with a penchant for the theatrical, the Flash races to her rescue. The madman’s run-in and subsequent capture by the scarlet speedster serves only to prompt a dangerous obsession, however, as Jesse decides that in order to bring about his superhero rival’s downfall and recapture the lovely Lockhart he requires a new identity and thus escapes police custody, and begins to terrorize Central City as The Trickster.

Several tricky encounters later, Lockhart tracks down his hideout on her own, but The Trickster, masquerading as an FBI agent gets the drop on her, kidnapping Barry as well and placing him in a death trap as he escapes, Megan in tow. Barry breaks out of the trap and decides to prey on the villain’s ego to get him to make an appearance at the Policeman’s Ball where their explosive final showdown results in a captured Trickster at long last.

“The Trickster” Flash Points:

Who’s familiar with Mandrake The Magician!?! Great shout out! Not to mention Margot Lane, lady friend of The Shadow!! Lets continue, Infantino Hotel in honour of Carmine Infantino and it was hard to miss the statue of Mercury.
On the other side of things, we wonder how big Central City’s theatre district is and why Barry makes reference to an all girl gang with Tina? She goes on to pine for Barry a bit more too.

Be sure to check out Central City Underground. Tony and Joe have retired as the regular hosts, but the show will be back to cover the new season in just a few weeks.

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