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The first season of Supergirl is drawing to a close and this week we bring you two discussions about the penultimate episode! Our bonus episode this week is covering all of the feedback we received because there was just so much good stuff we didn’t want to short-change anyone. This podcast, however, is the regular discussion of the episode. sg-119-lucy-maximaKaren and I talk Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 “Myriad” which originally aired on April 11, 2016. It briefly featured Eve Torres as Maxima, a character we sinceriously hope will return next week to ally with Supergirl.

As mentioned in our news section, TV Line has dished out its May Sweeps Scorecard. From deaths to reunions to pregnancies…this scorecard will help you track all of the WoWzA moments on your favorite TV shows as they all head toward their finales. Think Supergirl can reserve a slot in any of those categories?

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The highlight of season 1, for me and many fans, has been getting to know the Danvers sisters and watching that bond grow deeper than a blood bond. Seeing them separate at the end of episode 17 when Alex adopts a fugitive status meant we wouldn’t get our weekly dose of Danvers-Sisters-Awesomeness, but it would all work itself out for the best, right? Eventually?
That eventuality is still just that at the close of this penultimate episode. As much as it breaks our little hope-filled hearts to watch Non control Alex and use her as a weapon against Kara, it is bringing to a head all that the girls have been through in this season. Because of the nature of the show, I’m not worried about Alex surviving this fight (though, in the same breath, I’ll admit that I might eat my words later), but not unlike the truths brought to light in Kara’s RedK outbursts, this could still cause tensions between the sisters. Hopefully, J’onn will arrive just in time to keep either girl from doing too much damage?

In spite of this episode’s rather slow pace, I enjoy reflecting on some of the themes and information we get in this episode. As the episode wedged in between the Flash’s appearance and the finale, it didn’t totally match my expectations, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I particularly enjoyed how the writing highlighted the mothers of the sisters, but almost inversely.
While Alex is at her childhood home, seeking temporary refuge, her mother has a chance to come to terms with J’onn and what really happened to her husband. In so doing, she demonstrates just how much of herself that her daughter inherited. Alex is just as inquisitive and intelligent as her mother, and neither are afraid to ask the questions that will give them answers. Like mother, like daughter.

Back in National City, Kara laments to Cat about the exact same choice her mother was confronted with back on Krypton. A choice which, when chosen, led to the planet’s demise. And now, faced with the same choice, Kara is suffering from paralysis by analysis. She’s thinking too much, she fears too much, and cannot act. The choice may be the same, but the situation is much, much different. On Krypton, it seemed as though Kryton’s destruction was imminent, that it would perish within a tangible amount of time were some drastic measures not taken. But back on Earth, perhaps such drastic measures need not be taken! Perhaps the end isn’t at hand and instead of life carrying on as normal, once she’s defeated Non, she can begin initiatives to help circumvent a fate for Earth similar to what become of Krypton. Only in hindsight to I really see this dilemma she faces as a non-urgent matter; but perhaps that is exactly what she thinks her mother thought.
Meanwhile, Cat gets to play mother-figure again to Supergirl and doles out some giddy-up encouragement about pushing aside feat in order to act. But looking at the whole evening in scope, can there be any denying now that Cat knows Supergirl’s identity?

So much to glean from the final episode of the season!

Cougar’s Comic Corner

This week, the Scarlet Cougar recommends Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Right now it is FREE on ComixOlogy.

Here are some quick facts:
– Co-written by Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Judd Winick
– The art chores were divided up, generally on a chapter by chapter basis, between the penciller-inker teams of Rags Morales & Michael Bair, Jesus Saiz & Jimmy Palmiotti, Ivan Reis & Marc Campos, and Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning.
– Artist Ed Benes pencilled and inked his chapter.

While this doesn’t truly mirror the Myriad story, it uses similar themes. Plus since most of you watch the Berlanti block of shows as a whole, you’ll recognize most of the characters. Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) has been mentioned many times through his company, Kord Industries – on both Arrow and The Flash, Booster Gold will most likely be a part of Legends of Tomorrow at some point – he has a familial tie to one of the main characters (feel free to look him up and find out), and of course our very own Maxwell Lord. This is an example of the way a collaborative comic should be done, and it was a joy to anticipate and read when it came out. The Minis/Maxis that followed during the Infinite Crisis storyline were not all good or bad, but I truly felt like this was a good time to be reading Superhero comics.

Next Week

Season 1 Episode 20 “Better Angels” (SEASON FINALE)
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