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Hey kids! Maid of Steel is pleased to present this bonus episode of the podcast, featuring a discussion solely based off the feedback we received for Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 entitled “Myriad”. Once again we received more feedback than we wanted to insert at the end of the regular podcast discussion, so instead of short-changing the fantastic insights of our listeners, we produced this episode. But seriously, it was our pleasure.


I wrote a blog post for episode 19, which can be found here. Also at that link you’ll be able to listen to our regular discussion, in case you are hitting this page without having heard the initial discussion!

Watch Promo

Season 1 Episode 20 “Better Angels” (Season Finale)
Sneak Peek


With only 1 episode remaining, we WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! I throw out a challenge in this podcast to hear from 2 fans we’ve never heard from before. Whether you write or call, we don’t care, we just love getting diverse reactions. So force us to do two episodes again! Use our feedback page and make it super easy on yourself: all the options for contacting us are right there.


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