Romans was a season finale that hit us over the head with “For the wages of sin is death…” Romans 6:23 and there was death. Our two Henry’s survived, but have to live with their sin. Will Castle Rock be any better for their actions?

Romans “…Wages of Sin…”:

CRZ12 - Romans - Deavers Molly

Our Henry is driving around the streets of Castle Rock looking for Ruth. But between the schisma, his stab wound, and stress about almost being killed he is distracted. His windshield is hit by a bird and he crashes and is knocked out. He wakes up the next morning and returns home.

He has had some of his memories come back to him about his last day in the wood with Matthew. He remembers that his dad knew about Ruth and Alan’s affair and was planning to kill her for that sin. Quoting Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death…” Young Henry runs away he makes it to the cliffs at the edge of Castle Lake. He then pulls a Danny Torrence and backtracks in his own steps. Matthew follows the steps to the edge and Henry runs up and pushes him off the edge. It is only then that he begins to hear the schisma and disappears.

Molly spent the evening looking for Ruth and finds her on the Alan Pangborn Bridge. She wants to jump to be back in the hospital to keep Alan alive. Molly says he is dead. Ruth says he is because she shot him, but he is alive in other times. She says Molly has tried to stop her before. Molly breaks her out of it by saying in another reality, Ruth left Matthew for Alan. She takes Ruth home and finds out the scoop about Henry the couple from Jackie.

Henry makes it home and is so happy Ruth is OK. He also hears about Molly’s conversation with The Kid. Henry does not believe The Kid’s story or Molly’s belief in The Kid. But their conversation is interrupted by a call from the CRPD. Wendell has made it back to the Rock following the schisma, but stumbled across the crime scene of Odin.

Henry gets to the station and finds out Wendell can hear the schisma. The police are happy to let Wendell go, but they have a lot of questions for Henry. Between the murders at the Castle Rock B&B, Shawshank, and Odin’s death they want to know what is going on. Henry uses his one phone call to call Molly. She is shaken after her conversation with Warden Porter and her death. She does not know what to believe about the Kid now. Henry makes her promise to take Wendell Boston and keep going and not come back. She does.

Romans “…Is Eternal Life”:

CRZ12 - Romans - Kid

The Kid tells Molly that he needs her to convince Henry to come to the woods. The Kid cannot hear the schisma and cannot find the doorway between worlds. He needs Henry to help him go home. He says that He’ll meet Henry in Harmony Hills cemetery to remind him of some thing. The Kid makes his way there and is standing in front of the headstone of Ruth & Matthew’s lost boy, his twinner in this reality. Molly told Henry where the Kid wanted to meet and Henry told the cops. The cops come and arrest the Kid.

The Kid is placed in a cell opposite Henry. The Kid says he is a victim in all this. He needs Henry’s help to get back. If he does not things will get worse in town and people will die. Henry is leary, but asks what Matthew would have done in the Kid’s reality if Ruth stayed. The Kid says she would have been killed and quotes the Romans verse. The cops move Henry to the Kid’s cell and they bring in the Shawshank prisoners who were on the bus that hit Warden Porter. They begin to taunt the Kid and then fight among themselves. One prisoner is shived. The guards come in and the prisoners ambush them and break out.

The Kid grabs the keys and tells Henry to come with him. Upstairs they find the bloody aftermath of the escape. A mortally wounded Willie warns Henry not to go out into the woods. But the Kid has a gun and forces him. They head out into the woods and the schisma is getting stronger. It looks like the Kid may get his wish, but the birds begin to fly and the helicopter distracts the Kid. Henry tackles him and takes the gun. When Henry looks at the Kid he sees a demonic face.

We make a time jump to one year later. We hear a voice over not by Dale or Matthew, but by Henry. Some of what he says is familiar echoing Dale & Matthew and some of it is different. He has stayed in Castle Rock and is practicing law on a civil level not criminal. Ruth passed away a few months after Alan’s death and he buried them together. Wendell still lives with his mom in Boston but has come in to Castle Rock for Christmas. Molly has moved to the Florida Keys and is having great success there. She is even looking after her grandmother.

Henry did not send the Kid to his reality. He put him back in the cage in the hatch in Shawshank. He takes the Kid a burger and fries as an early Christmas present. The Kid asks how long they are going to do this. Henry does not know. The Kid quotes Dale to Henry. You don’t know who is the prisoner and who is the keeper. That gives Henry pause, but not enough. All through this episode they quoted only the first half of Romans 6:23 but the second half talks about eternal life. As long as the Kid is stuck here he may have that.

King Connections:

Our buddy Troy reminded us that we missed the Maine favorite Moxie cola in last week’s episode. Harmony Hill Cemetery was where Danny Glick was buried before he came back in the book “Salem’s Lot.” Jackie’s laptop has a WKIT on it that is the station King and his wife own. Jackie is writing just like her uncle and wants to make a trip out West. Will we see her make it to the True Knot’s campground on the Overlook’s location next season? Young Henry retraces his steps in the snow to trick his dad. Just like Danny did in the movie version of The Shining. At the end we see Henry working civil cases helping with property rights. He tells his client the property line runs through Wilma Jerzyck’s azaleas. Wilma was a player in Needful Things and died in that book but is alive in the Castle Rock universe. We see Molly spending some downtime with her grandmother in a pink room in a pink house. Plus she is the number one realtor in the Keys. This takes me to the story of Duma Key.

This week’s Book/Audiobook is Duma Key the movie is still in development.


Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook.

Closing Thoughts:

“Romans” was an interesting and divisive end to season one. I personally kind of see where they were the were going. It reminds me of King’s Dark Tower concept of KA being a wheel and things coming back around. The end left me with questions, but it was OK for me. What I didn’t like is that some of the questions we have had during the season were not answered and we just don’t know if they ever will be. We know from the producers that each season is its’ own story so who knows if we will see these folks again.  Will next season focus on Jackie and her digging into family history? We just don’t know. But know this, Wayne and I will be here to cover it with you. We thank you so much for all your feedback and theories this season. Stay subscribed to the podcast and keep active in the Facebook group. We have a wait before us, but we can make it through together!


We don’t have a story line or release date for season 2, but assume we will be back next Summer. We will keep you up to date with all the info on our Facebook page!.

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