Almost Human episode 3 entitled, “Beholder” aired on February 24, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on this Almost Human episode. Once again I felt like the music this week was really great. There were elements that reminded me of Blade Runner, and there were other times when the music just seemed perfect for the action on screen. The song at the end of the episode was Worlds Away by Strange Advance and I thought it was a perfect fit.

I also thought the story was really compelling. The characters were interesting, it had a great twist with Judy, and it once again caused us to be introspective as the episode wrapped up.

This was probably the saddest episode so far. It definitely didn’t have the happy ending with Dorian and John joking around in the car. In fact, John is alone, the killer is dead via suicide, and Judy is left to her loneliness again.

We learned more about Valerie in this episode, but it also raised more questions. We’ve had hints about John’s past with Anna and something involving John’s dad. We’ve also had questions raised about Maldonado, Doctor Vaugh, and even the history of Dorian and the other DRNs. My question this week is, “Which character’s backstory do you want to learn more about?”

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