Almost Human episode 11 entitled, “Disrupt” aired on February 17, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on this Almost Human episode. While this episode was one of my least favorite of the series so far, I did like the way it used technology. As technology continues to improve it has both positive and negative ramifications. The same security system that was designed to save lives, was used to take lives. I like that it showed that technology not only makes us more secure, it makes us more susceptible to online criminals. However, I thought the plot this week was a bit slow and very weak at times.

One thing I thought was weak was that when the fire suppression system was engaged at the security company, it took 5 minutes for it to take effect. This didn’t seem realistic to me because I think a fire suppression system should act quickly in order to put out a real fire. They also disarmed it with only 3 seconds left. This is a very over used plot device.

My last observation deals with Dorian’s memories. At first I thought this was simply another nod to my favorite sci-fi movie, Blade Runner, but as the episode wrapped up, it was clear that this was more that just a homage to Philip K. Dick and Ridley Scott’s work.

My question this week is, “Who put the memories into Dorian and why?”

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