Almost Human episode 9 entitled, “Unbound” aired on February 3, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on this Almost Human episode. This episode was the best yet in my opinion, and it brought back several story pieces from previous episodes like the wall, the android head from the pilot, and the name Insyndicate. My first observation is about the mythology and Nigel Vaughn. Is he with Insyndicate? When will we see him again? Will his new androids be more dangerous the the XRN? My second observation is about the wall. It was great to see it up close and on at least two wide shots. It clearly divides the city in half, and does not surround the city. My third observation is about the fight scene with Danica, Dorian, and John. I thought it was well choreographed and executed by everyone involved. My question this week is, “What is on the other side of the wall?”

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