In Almost Human Podcast episode 17 we review the penultimate episode of Almost Human season 1 entitled, “Beholder.”  Joined by special guest co-host, Emilee O’Leary, we break down the fantastic writing and directing of this episode, the additional backstory and info we learned about Detective Valerie Stahl, and analyze the themes of loneliness, insecurity, and societal pressure.  We also talk about Rudy and how he continues to get creepier each week, the work of Michael Eklund as the serial killer Eric, and some of the new things we learned about Dorian.

We also talk about whether or not this episode disappointed us in terms of the plot and story devices, and whether or not it met our expectations as an episode positioned in the penultimate spot of a season.

Here’s the article we mention in our Technology of Tomorrow segment.

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