In episode 16 of Almost Human Podcast we review the 11th episode of the FOX sci-fi show, Almost Human, entitled, “Disrupt.”While we felt that this episode used too may cliches and tropes during the story, there were some things in this episode of Almost Human that we enjoyed.  In episode 16 of Almost Human podcast we discuss the way this episode explored the pros and cons of technology, how current smart home technology is evolving, and whether or not we can trust Rudy.

We also talk about the fire suppression system that was featured in the episode, the use of the SAM bots, and the revelation that someone has planted real memories into Dorian.

In our listener feedback segment we hear theories that Anna might also be an android, the way that this episode didn’t tie into previous episodes, how Maldonado might be involved with Dorian’s memories, and questions about how Emily was able to infiltrate the security company’s headquarters.

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