In  Almost Human Podcast episode 13 we share listener feedback and theories we received for episode 1×09 of Almost Human, “Unbound.”  We hear some great theories and thoughts about why Rudy’s lab is located inside a church and why he has an MX watching him at all times.  We also received some feedback about Doctor Vaughn needing a license to practice robotics, his possible plans for the synthetic souls and computer processors, and even comparisons to Nigel as a deity and Danica as Jesus.

Listeners share some great theories and observations about Danica, her vanity, why she didn’t kill the mother and daughter, and how that might link back to Doctor Vaughn.  Other listeners questioned whether or not there is a mole within the police department, gave their opinions on the fight between John, Dorian, and Danica, and wonder if it would be worth it to chop off your own leg if you could have a powerful synthetic leg like John’s

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