Were you as creeped out by Mr. Chuckleteeth as we were? This was definitely not one to watch right before bedtime! We are talking about the X-Files Season 11 Episode 8, a terrific horror show entitled “Familiar”. It was written by Benjamin Van Allen and directed by Holly Dalem, and it originally aired on March 7, 2018.

We have one news tidbit for you this week! It’s from Syfy: a terrific chat with writer Benjamin Van Allen! Then we pull out the ol’ grimoire and break down the episode, and surprisingly we find very much to like and little to disagree on. Then inside the Spooky Drawer we find not a hellhound but instead a coywolf howling away, because he is so creeped out by watching our version of bibble-tickles, aka The Teletubbies! Thank goodness we have our familiar to ward off the evil spirits, and we don’t even have to consult our own WSB grimoire to summon it! Then we call upon you to reveal your terrific opinions and feedback!

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