Monsters, horror AND mythology in one episode? Now THIS is The X-Files! The devilish mind of James Wong is bringing all three together in Season 11 Episode 5 entitled “Ghouli”. It was written and directed by Mr. Wong and it aired on January 31, 2018.

We have one juicy interview for you this week, courtesy of our good friend the Podcast Overlord! It’s from Syfy with an exclusive chat with writer/director James Wong who gets into the Ghouli of it all! Then we launch right into our discussion of the meeting of the classic Wong horror and the overarching mythology, particularly regarding Jackson/William and Scully. Plus we are amazed yet again with a signature tour-de-force performance by Gillian Anderson!

After all that, we crack open the Spooky Drawer where so much awaits, beginning with a blast from The X-Files past (Season 7) and the monster episode “Chimera“. Next up we meet some scary creepypastas including The Slender Man, who apparently like to hang out at the website with several of their ghoul buddies! Or did we dream of that in a state of hypnagogia after reading the exploits of Peter Wong’s hero Adam Lyons in his book The Diary of a Pick Up Artist: Memoirs of an Average Frustrated Chump? Maybe you will be able to help us this week with all of your insightful opinions and fun feedback!

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