Are we in the Redverse yet? No! These doppelgangers aren’t from an alternate universe, they are from the madhouse in a double-trouble episode of The X-Files! It’s Season 11 Episode 3 “Plus One”, which was written by show creator and executive producer Chris Carter and directed by industry vet Kevin Hooks! It aired January 17, 2018.

Of course we must have 2 news items for you this week! We begin with E’s interview with Gillian Anderson celebrating the ATTHS moment, followed by Syfy’s terrific deep dive chat with director Kevin Hooks and ‘Demon Judy’ actress Karin Konoval!

Then we ease into this wonderful episode, marvelling at both Karin Konoval’s astounding performance and the the amazing chemistry of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. There’s so much in the Spooky Drawer this week, including the X-Files specific origins of ATTHS, musical interludes including David D’s rock album Hell or Highwater and the old classic Mule Skinner Blues, the Scully psych of Gastaut-Geschwind, and a side trip down to Henrico County VA! We wind down the show with your insightful and fun feedback!

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