We are rocking out in the California Sun with this week’s installment of The X-Files! And a beloved character returns, sort of! It happens in Season 11 Episode 2 “This”, which was written and directed by show executive producer Glen Morgan, and it aired January 10, 2018.

No fake news this week, beginning with Deadline talking to Gillian Anderson on why this season is her swan song. Next we have Goldderby reporting that the producers wanted Robert Patrick back as John Doggett for Season 11, but ‘scheduling issue’ got in the way, followed by Den of Geek’s  list of 5 questions answered about “This”. We close with an intriguing piece by

AV Club on the man who could be the key to decrypting this season of The X-Files!

Then it’s time for us to dive into the virtual world with Langly! We talk about the episode, how it relates to the mythology and how it does as a stand alone, and try to figure out what if anything is a dream. Plus: Ramones! Enough said! Next we pry open the Spooky Drawer to find out more about those tombstones and that building without windows in Manhattan. Then we wind up with lots of terrific feedback from our amazing listeners!

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