Man that was a long two years, but our X-Files have returned for Season 11! And what a controversial episode to start us off! Picking up right where we left off (or are we?) it’s Season 11 Episode 1 “My Struggle III”. The mythology-heavy episode was written and directed by show creator Chris Carter, and it aired January 3, 2018.

As always with The X-Files, the interwebs are rife with news and views of the show. We start with EW’s interview with Chris Carter revealing that the show’s mythology may go in a new direction. Next up is Entertainment Tonight relaying the reaction to the premiere’s  shocking reveal, followed by Vox’s belief that The X-Files is deeply relevant again in 2018. We wind up with Uproxx TV Critic Alan Sepinwall’s take that the New ‘X-Files’ season is much better than the last.

We then move into our discussion of the episode as it fits with Season 10 as a whole and its relation to the other mythology eps, “My Struggle” I and II. We bring you some of the cool deep web info about this episode’s production and some historic relationships to old-school X-Files in the Spooky Drawer. Then we get some terrific feedback from our amazing listeners!

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