We thought that the epic debut of the limited series The X-Files was going to be hard to beat. Dang if the second episode, “Founder’s Mutation,” wasn’t even better! It was written and directed by longtime producer, writer and director James Wong and aired January 25, 2016 to an audience of 9.7 million viewers.

The news is really good for ratings! First off is TVLine reporting that: The X-Files Dominated Monday in its regular time slot premiere, accompanied by Deadlines’ similar report with a teaser that Fox is open to more episodes after these 6! We then have a neat infographic from Fun showing the X-File’s influence on the TV show Breaking Bad.

Next we dig into this amazing episode that balanced the classic monster of the week with the new mythos and haunting character moments for Mulder and Scully. We follow that with a little episode background in the Spooky Drawer, and we finish our show with your great listener feedback!

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