It’s finally here after almost 14 years: an all-new episode of The X-Files! Mulder and Scully return in the first of 6 episodes in this X-Files event: “My Struggle”. It was written and directed by series creator Chris Carter and aired January 24, 2016. 13.5 million people watched it live.

The news is out there! First off is TVLine with terrific news that the ratings are off to a spooky-good start, then Metacritic shows us the data on the controversial reception to the first 3 episodes of the show, and we wind up with a great interview in The New York Times with the Cigarette Smoking Man, William B. Davis!

Then it’s time to deep dive into the episode after our quick synopsis. We follow that with some tidbits about this show’s origins in the Spooky Drawer, and wind up with tons of great listener feedback!

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