Hello, SleepyHeads!  This week on Witness Prophecies, we discuss Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 12, entitled Tomorrow, which originally aired on March 24, 2017.   Team Witness battles to save Ichabod Crane from becoming the Horseman of War.  

In the future, Jenny Mills teaches children about becoming revolutionaries against Malcolm Dreyfuss, and about fighting back.  Her lesson ends, and we see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse attacking the revolutionaries.  Jenny is captured by the Horseman of War, and Lara Thomas (played by Seychelle Gabrielle), aka Molly, accuses Jenny of terrorism.  Jenny stabs the horseman with the Delilah dagger and then dies, but not before Lara briefly sees the face of the hoseman, and realizes it is her mother, Diana.  SH WP S4E12 - Jenny and Diana picIt was interesting to see Jenny continuing in the role of a teacher.  In the present time, we have watched her take Jake and Alex under her wing, unlocking the mysteries of the supernatural world.  In her tomorrow, she is scarred and worn, but focused on freedom and teaching children to fight back against evil.  She has come a long way from the scared and broken woman we first met.  

Curious, Lara checks the prisons and finds old, scarred, and beaten down Ichabod Crane.  He reminds her she is a Witness and tells her she can use a Traveller Spell to get back to the past and change the future.  For Lara, she must change the past to change the tomorrow that she lives in now.  SH WP S4E12 - Malcolm Dreyfuss picMalcolm was ready to kill her rather than allow her to change his future – the young child he rescued became disposable immediately if she was going to interfere with his plans and his life.  We flash through Lara’s memories and watch Crane again become the Horseman of War, sacrificing himself for Diana.  On Malcolm’s command, War attacks the two women, and Lara stabs him with the dagger.  They escape and rendezvous with Jenny, Jake Wells, and Alex Norwood at the Vault.  The dagger, which still has the Horseman of Wars blood on it, is placed next to the jar of black goo, the Sicarius Spei, and Henry Parrish, aka Ichabod’s son Jeremy Crane, (played by John Noble) appears having been created by Crane’s memories mingling with the blood of the Horseman of War.  

With Henry’s help, the team realizes that Crane is still partly human and that there is a chance to bring him back, and they head to Sleepy Hollow to find what they need.  Henry is secured in the Masonic cell, and the team heads to the Archives, where they find it ransacked.  SH WP S4E12 - Jenny Jake Alex picJenny, Jake, and Alex determine that the Draugar Stone was stolen from the Archives.  Jobe is using it to bring General William Howe’s Zombie Hessians back to life, and to charge the Headless Horseman’s axe as a totem.  He then releases them to destroy Sleepy Hollow.  Meanwhile, Diana and Lara go to August Corbin’s cabin, find the spellbook, and Lara crosses over to the transformation chamber to save Crane.  As the Horseman of War attacks her, she reminds Crane of their bond, and that they are Witnesses, and he breaks free, exclaiming “Yes, we are!”  He defeats the Horseman and holds Lara, as a bright light flashes and sends her back to the arms of her mother.  This episode was about Lara, and her fight to save her mother and change her tomorrow.  In doing so, she acknowledged that she was indeed a Witness, pulling Crane back from the brink for the second time – once as a child (Sicarius Spei – Despair) and now as an adult.  She learned she needed Team Witness to become the woman she needs to be – was destined to be.   Now, will our time traveling Lara return to her tomorrow, or will she remain stuck in the current time period, like Crane, out of her time and her element.  If she stays, that meeting with her younger self might be a bit awkward.  

Jenny, Jake, and Alex are fighting the Zombies with Greek Fire, but have run out of ammo and are now surrounded.  Suddenly the Horseman of War arrives and kills the remaining Zombies, saving the team.  It is Crane, and he is now restored to human form.  

Finally, Jobe informs Dreyfuss that Crane was freed and is no longer the Horseman of War.  Jobe has found a new host to become this horseman – Crane’s son, Henry Parrish, SH WP S4E12 - Henry Parrish picthe rightful host of the Horseman of War.  Is Henry really desirous of the power that becoming the Horseman of War can bring him, or is this memory of Crane’s also a receptacle of good vs. evil, and he will help bring down Dreyfuss, the way he did Moloch?  Henry was amazed that he was the son his father remembered, but is it enough to ultimately push him to help Team Witness?  Father and son still have issues that must be settled between them, and we hope to see this in the season finale. 

There were many call backs to prior episodes.  We went back to Sleepy Hollow and the Archives, August Corbin’s cabin, and the Masonic Cell.  We saw many old weapons and artifacts that the team had used previously, including the Draugar Stone, Greek Fire, the Grand Grimoire, Thracian Phial, the Egg of Asag, and Jincan venom – and of course, Crane’s crossbow1

History Lesson of the Week – Bits and Pieces

We didn’t have a “real” history/twistory lesson this week, however, we did have some references to prior history lessons, including:

  1. Use of Hessian Troops in the American Revolutionary War, which we covered in the S3E7 episode, The Art of War, and,
  2. We were introduced to General William Howe, the leader of some of these Hessians, in S3E2 – Whispers in the Dark and in S3E5, the Bones crossover event, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and we covered The Great Fire of New York in the crossover episode (and our first encounter with Greek Fire).

We did see a new weapon, the Vajra, which Jenny used in the opening scenes.  Vajra is the weapon of Indra, the chief among gods, and is a type of club with a ribbed spherical head.  It’s roots are in the Indian religion, and is found in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.  This weapon is used to symbolize both the indestructible properties of a diamond and the irresistible force of a thunderbolt, from the Vedic rain and the thunder-deity Indra, used to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power.  

Link to Vajra on wikipedia:

SleepyHeads!  Is Henry Parrish really evil and will Malcolm Dreyfuss win?  Tune in next week to find out!

March 31, 2017 – Season Finale – Season 4 Episode 13 “Freedom”

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