Hello, SleepyHeads!  This week on Witness Prophecies, we discuss Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 3, entitled Heads of State, which originally aired on January 20, 2017.  Ichabod Crane faces the Headless Horseman, as Diana Thomas learns her daughter, Molly, is the next Witness.  

Ichabod Crane has found an apartment in Washington, DC, and appears to be settling into his new life.  

Meanwhile, the Headless Horseman (Jeremy Owens) has arrived in town and is attempting to collect the head of the President of the United States.  Diana Thomas engages Crane in the investigation, and she, Alex Norwood, and Jake Wells learn what Crane and Jenny Mills already know – the Headless Horseman is real!  Jake and Alex force Crane to reveal his  secret – he is a 265 year old time traveler!  

Diana and Crane obtain Benjamin Banneker’s (played beautifully by Edwin Hodge) early drawings of Washington, WP S4E3 Jake Alex Jenny picDC and the mysterious J Street, and Jake, Jenny, and Alex determine how to use the street’s supernatural glyphs and powers to trap the Headless Horseman.  With Crane as bait, the Horseman is trapped until Malcolm Dreyfuss and Jobe make a deal and prepare to free Headless.  

Crane tells Diana that Molly is the next Witness, which she has begun to suspect after viewing Molly’s sketches.  She tells Crane that she and Molly will have nothing to do with the Witness responsibilities and evil forces – and nothing to do with any of them.  It stops now.  Crane tells her she cannot escape it.  

Finally, Crane returns home to tackle a do-it-yourself project when he hears a strange noise.  He opens his closet and is attacked by the gooey, black tarry substance that was in the J street tunnel!  What has happened to Crane?!?

This “Heads” episode was interesting in many ways:

  • The head of state, or in  this case, the United States, was a female
  • All members of Team Witness used their heads to solve the “J” Street mystery and trap the Headless Horseman, or so they thought
  • We continue to speculate which of the two evil heads, Malcolm Dreyfuss or Jobe, is actually in charge, especially as Jobe did not agree with Malcolm’s decision to give the portfolio to Ichabod and Diana
  • The Headless Horseman came to Washington, D.C., to search for heads – and heads indeed did roll!

Dreyfus said he had sold his soul to the devil when he was 25 years old, and this is probably true as he said he had a long term plan for humanity – more than 1000 years, to be exact.  WP S4E3 Diana Crane Malcolm picHis evil partner Jobe may be a liaison from the devil, helping guide Dreyfuss, much like Moloch did with Henry Parrish.  Nor do we know what Dreyfuss wanted from the Headless Horseman in return for setting him free – but we can speculate that he wants the Horseman to ride again as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  It appears that Headless is here to stay this season – at least until he collects a few more heads.

Meanwhile, Diana is determined not to let Molly anywhere near the rest of Team Witness and that includes the Vault.  Will Diana change her mind if something happens to Crane?  He told her she couldn’t avoid it – it was Molly’s destiny to be a Witness.  Molly herself may need to show her mother that this is what she will become, but how will a child understand what it is that she is to do in this supernatural war?  We will wait to see how the Sleepy Hollow writers weave Molly into the story.

History Lesson of the Week – Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was born on November 9, 1731, in Ellicott’s Mills, Maryland, the son of an ex-slave named Robert and his wife, Mary.  Mary was the daughter of an Englishwoman named Molly Welsh, a former indentured servant, and her husband, Bannka, an ex-slave whom she freed and who asserted that he came from tribal royalty in West Africa.

A free black man who owned a farm near Baltimore, Banneker was largely self-educated in astronomy and mathematics. He was later called upon to assist in the surveying of territory for the construction of the nation’s capital. He also became an active writer of almanacs and exchanged letters with Thomas Jefferson, politely challenging him to do what he could to ensure racial equality. Banneker died on October 9, 1806.

Because both of his parents were free, Benjamin escaped the wrath of slavery as well. He was taught to read by his maternal grandmother and for a very short time attended a small Quaker school. Banneker was primarily self-educated and his early accomplishments included constructing an irrigation system for the family farm and a wooden clock that was reputed to keep accurate time and ran for more than 50 years until his death. In addition, Banneker taught himself astronomy and accurately forecasted lunar and solar eclipses. After his father’s passing, he ran his own farm for years, cultivating a business selling tobacco via crops.

Banneker’s talents and intelligence eventually came to the attention of the Ellicott family, entrepreneurs who had made a name and fortune by building a series of gristmills in the Baltimore area in the 1770’s. George Ellicott had a large personal library and loaned Banneker numerous books on astronomy and other fields.

On October 9, 1806, after his usual morning walk, Banneker died in his sleep, just a month short of his 75th birthday. In accordance with his wishes, all the items that had been on loan from his neighbor, George Ellicott, were returned by Banneker’s nephew. Also included was Banneker’s astronomical journal, providing future historians one of the few records of his life known to exist.

On Tuesday, October 11, at the family burial ground a few yards from this house, Benjamin Banneker was laid to rest. During the services, mourners were startled to see his house had caught on fire, quickly burning down. Nearly everything was destroyed, including his personal effects, furniture and wooden clock. The cause of the fire was never determined.

“The colour of the skin is in no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers.”
—Benjamin Banneker

Link to Biography.com, Benjamin Banneker Biography page:

Link to Administrators of the Benjamin Banneker Memorial, His Story and “Two Centuries Later: Rumors Continue to About Regarding Benjamin Banneker’s Contributions in the Planning of WDC” paper pages:

Link to Wikipedia article about Benjamin Banneker:

SleepyHeads!  What happened to Ichabod Crane?  Tune in next week to find out!

January 27, 2017 – Season 4 Episode 4 – “The People vs. Ichabod Crane”

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