Hello, SleepyHeads!  This week on Witness Prophecies, we discuss Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 2, entitled In Plain Sight, which originally aired on January 13, 2017.   Ichabod Crane and Jenny Mills discover the identity of the new Witness.  

We open the episode in Ichabod Crane’s dream where he sees a young girl, and we learn that Jenny Mills has been using a Tibetan Singing Bowl as a Witness Detector.  It is good to see Jenny has relocated to Washington, D.C.  She makes a great partner and confidant for Ichabod, she believes she can help find and prepare the new Witness, and she is still mourning her sister – she wants to see this person who will carry on with Abbie’s work.  

Crane decides to head to the vault to find answers to the strange vision he had, and Jake Wells (Jerry MacKinnon) is excited to assist, while Alex Norwood (Rachel Melvin) is skeptical.  Alex has discovered there has only been one Ichabod Crane in all of history, who disappeared in 1781 and reappeared three years ago in Sleepy Hollow.  Jake is convinced Crane is a time traveler!  These two characters are going to give us lots of humor.  Jake needs to stop fawning over Crane, and that should happen in time.  These are two intelligent, quick thinking individuals who can find the most obscure information as well as prepare for an invasion from their tunnels.  The characters are getting as many humorous lines as Ichabod Crane!  

Meanwhile, we learn more about Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) as we watch him apparently threaten his congressman.  WP S4E2 - Crane and MonsterHe then meets with the three Dyer sisters, witches who have been guarding an artifact, allegedly the Witch Stone, at the behest of General George Washington (Mark Campbell).   Dreyfuss offers them Dagger of Z’urn D’oragh in exchange.  Sisters Marg (Courtney Lakin) and Malligo (Kelley Missal) turn against and kill the third sister, Moll (Sara Sanderson).  The two younger witches have the ability to spot liars, and after their 300 year imprisonment, they go out on the town to slay a few.  Ultimately this leads to our team finding them, despite their magic Glamour spell protection, and the fight favors Crane, Jenny, and Diana.  Jenny tells Craine that Diana can hold her own – and can face the fact that her daughter, Molly, is the Witness.  Crane had seen Diana’s mobile phone picture of Molly, and had recognized her as the child from his vision.  

WP S4E2 - Jenny and MonsterCrane realizes the Dyer sisters were protecting an artifact given to them by George Washington, that it was part of his new organization, and that this event and the demon they destroyed previously are linked.  Crane and Jenny will tell Diana about Molly being a Witness – later.  

Meanwhile, Dreyfuss and Jobe are bringing one of Crane’s compatriots to Washington to bring death and destruction.  On the foggy road we see….the Headless Horseman!

The showrunners made a bold move by making a child the next Witness.  It is unlikely that new character could have the chemistry that Abbie Mills had with Ichabod Crane, so throwing in an unexpected element – a child – is either a recipe for success or disaster with the young Master Chef, Oona Yaffe, as Molly.  How can a child fight the supernatural?  

What was in plain sight?  Molly was right in front of Ichabod and Jenny.  The sight of the house and the true age of the witches may have been hidden by the Glamour spell, but our team was able to see them.  The knowledge that the Booth Demon and Dyer Sisters were apparently protecting something that Crane needs in his new job was in plain sight after Jake’s investigative abilities.  And our Headless Horseman?  Hard to miss him riding down the road in plain sight!

And what is the endgame for Malcolm Dreyfuss and the very strange Jobe?  The second artifact looked like a curved piece of paving, so we may be assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Is Jobe a representative of Satan, the devil, or some other supernatural evil?  Time will tell.

History Lesson of the Week – The Dyer Sisters

Moll Dyer (died c. 1697?) is the name of a legendary 17th-century resident of Leonardtown, Maryland, who was said to have been accused of witchcraft and chased out of her home by the local townsfolk on a winter night.  She travelled no more than five miles from her home and fell upon a large rock, praying or possibly cursing her enemies with her hand held towards the heavens. There…she died.  Her supposed hand imprints remained on that rock for hundreds of years…and the legend carried on so long that the historical society has it placed in front of their building to this day.

Stories say her spirit haunts the land, looking for the men who forced her from her home. The land near her cabin is said to be cursed, never again growing good crops, and an unusual number of lightning strikes have been recorded there. A white dog is mentioned as causing accidents on Moll Dyer road.

The story has survived for generations, though no historical record has been found of Moll Dyer’s existence. Records from the colonial period are often incomplete and the county courthouse burned in 1831 so early documents were lost. Historical evidence includes:

An immigration record shows that Mary Dyer, Marg. Dyer, and Malligo Dyer were transported to Maryland in October 1677 on a ship commanded by Capt. Thomas Taylor[1] (Moll is a nickname for Mary.)

The Washington Times has called her “perhaps Maryland’s best-known bit of witch lore”.[2] Local newspapers reprint the story from time to time.[3]

Oh, and Major John Andre?  John Andre — handsome, artistic, beloved by the Loyalists, admired by Washington … a spy brave and cunning … convinced Benedict Arnold to sell out West Point … hanged at age 31.  But he was born in 1750, more than 50 years after Moll Dyer died, so they never met, and she never did any work for George Washington.  

Link to Wikipedia article about Moll Dyer

Link to Legends of the American Bell & Blair Witches, Moll Dyer and Salem

Link to US History.org – Major John Andre

SleepyHeads!  Who will the Headless Horseman target?  Tune in next week to find out!

January 13, 2017 – Season 4 Episode 3 – “Heads of State”

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