Disney+ has quite the selection of original films and series that are exclusive to the service. In this week’s episode of Mouse House Weekly, Blake has chosen the Disney+ original, “Magic Camp,” for JJ to watch and discuss, and in turn, JJ has given Blake “Behind the Attraction” to watch. After talking about what they have both done Disney lately (including meeting up at Disneyland together), they talk about Disney+ Day, a day celebrating Disney+’s debut from 2 years ago. Once getting to talking about the main subject of the episode, both JJ and Blake tackle their Disney+ originals, talking about their positives, negatives, and whether they are worth taking time to watch. If you’re thinking of watching “Magic Camp” and/or “Behind the Attraction,” go no further than this episode to find out if they are worth your time! 

Have you seen “Behind the Attraction” and/or “Magic Camp?” If so, what were your thoughts on them? Connect with us at Mouse House Weekly, we’d love to discuss with you!

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