In episode 62 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we bring this podcast to a close as we look at the LOST epilogue, “The New Man in Charge” and we discuss our trip to Oahu for the Lost 2014 fan event. In our discussion about “The New Man In Charge” we discuss the questions that were answered in the short episode, whether or not we cared about those questions, and what we gained by watching the episode.

In our discussion about our trip to Oahu, we discuss each of the LOST 2014 events, share out experiences at various LOST filming locations, and talk about some of the things we did as a family while in Oahu. We share some of the things we’d do differently next time, what our favorite moments of the trip were, and we talk about the next 2 LOST fan events that are being planned.

Thank you to everyone who took part in We Have To Go Back Podcast by listening, sending in feedback, or joining the conversation on social media. Maybe we’ll do it again for the 10th anniversary of the LOST finale!