In episode 60 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at LOST season 6 episode 15, “Across the Sea” and season 6 episode 16, “What They Died For.” In “Across the Sea” we get an entire episode dedicated to the origin and back story of Jacob and the Man in Black. We meet their real mother and their impostor mother, how Man in Black became the smoke monster, and we gain a better understanding of each brother’s role with and on the island.

In “What They Died For” we take the information we gained in “Across the Sea” and see Jack step up to be the island’s new protector. We also see a final encounter between Ben and Widmore, a shocking attack on Richard Alpert, and more hints on the role Desmond will play in the finale.

Next up, we wrap up LOST with the series finale, “The End.”

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