In episode 56 we journey back to episodes 7 and 8 of LOST season 6, “Dr. Linus” and “Recon.” In the Ben Linus centric episode, “Dr. Linus,” we see Ben in a new light. He’s a high school history teacher and he’s a mentor to a promising young student, Alex Rousseau. On the island, Ben deals with the remorse of his actions and inactions that have led to the deaths of many people including Alex and Jacob.

In “Recon,” Sawyer is sent on a recon mission to Hydra island by the man in black. He meets Zoe and Charles Widmore. In the flash sideways, we see Sawyer as a police detective partnered with Miles Straume. Sawyer is still looking for Anthony Cooper and intends to kill him when he finds him. Sawyer also has a date with one of our Losties, Charlotte Staples Lewis.

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Next up we continue LOST season 6 with “Ab Aeterno” & “The Package.”

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